LG G4c review

LG hopes to conquer the budget market with its new smartphone

LG G4c review
The LG G4c is curvy and bright

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The experience of using the LG G4c was one of ups and downs, mostly cruising around the middle. But with the competition at this end of the market continuing to heat up, is it worth the not- inconsiderable asking price of £210?

We liked

With a big battery, the LG G4c can last a whole working day and then some, providing enjoyment well into the evening. Although performance can sometimes slip up a little, the device displays no major issues. The curved design and well-placed buttons make one-handed usage eminently enjoyable, and the camera can produce good images with a little coaxing.

The screen is big, bold and beautiful, with great colour accuracy, viewing angles and general brightness, and also supports double tap-to-wake and LG's knock-codes. It is an excellent performer.

LG G4c review

It's big, bold and beautiful, but let down by its skin and lack of storage space

4G connectivity is good, and the speakers prove to be quite powerful. Filled with little usability tweaks, the device constantly delivers a number of small, pleasant surprises.

We disliked

Having only 1GB of RAM can be restricting when attempting to run multiple apps side by side. As competitors are generally opting to double RAM, LG's decision not to follow is disappointing. The 8GB of internal storage proved to be a significant issue and users will be forced to tightly manage their space.

LG's skin, though sometimes useful, is a mess. Visually cluttered, it makes finding apps difficult and can occasionally contribute to slowing things down as it tries to do too much at once.

The front-facing camera is also something of a disappointment, producing flat and lifeless images no matter what setting or subject you choose.

Final verdict

The LG G4c gives a great first impression. With a very comfortable design, unique look and a nice screen, using it is a pleasure for the first day or so. As more apps are installed, and the paltry internal memory makes its presence felt, things can become a little slow.

Yet, with a powerful speaker, a decent rear-facing camera, great battery life, a capable processor and many little usability enhancements, the G4c is designed with comfort in mind. For the average user, it will prove to be more than adequate. And yet for the price point, there are better options available.

Thanks to Three UK for providing the review unit.

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