HTC Rhyme review

Another stylish mid-range offering from HTC…but is it offering anything particularly new?

HTC Rhyme
More or less a purple update of the HTC Desire S

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HTC rhyme review

The video output of the HTC Rhyme is a decent as the camera. With 720p HD capability you might expect a little something decent, and it doesn't disappoint.

There are far fewer settings to play with in video mode – simply image adjustments such as white balance and contrast and resolution quality, but there are a few post-processing effects you can add, such as sepia colour or a negative effect.

The HD really becomes apparent in the bright sunlight, with even the swish of the leaves on the tree captured in some detail. The colour is quite saturated with little juddering (ignoring the hand shake).

The camera doesn't cope well with shadows and sunlight, with half of the video in darkness. The image quality is great zoomed out but zoomed in it really suffers, with the whole scene becoming blurry. The swimming bird just becomes a moving black spot on the pixellated water.

This video taken on an low-lit street at night (in night mode, with the LED light on) showed the Rhyme's inability to cope without added light source. Pretty poor.