One of the first handsets to come packing the latest edition of the HTC Sense UI direct from the box, the HTC One V boasts a smooth, seamless and ultimately pleasing interface that helpfully guides you through the handset on first use before offering a simplistic navigating style and system from then on.

HTC One V review

Building on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich base, the aptly titled HTC Sense UI version 4.0 ensures a pleasant user experience at all times, kicking off with a range of shortcuts on the lock screen that enable you to unlock your handset direct into a selection of desired applications, programs and features such as the camera capture mode, email inbox or address book.

A former bugbear of smartphone users due to its glaring omission from the leading handsets of all the brands, multitasking is now an ever-present feature on the smartphone scene.

The HTC One V holds its own against any of the similarly attributed Android handsets, providing yet another prime example of the phones's user-friendly features. With a simple tap of the touch-sensitive base button, you're presented with a fluid flowing visual list of all the applications and programs that are open, enabling quick, hassle-free access to desired content with little faff or fuss.

HTC One V review

Building on the strong Sense UI of previous generations, HTC has made version 4.0 of its TouchWiz and MotoBlur rival the most user friendly to date, with a host of smart software features enabling you to better navigate your way through lists and menus to find your desired content with minimal time wasting or unnecessary fanfare.

A good example of such abilities can be found in the handset's gallery application, where you can open selected image groupings and scroll through a quick thumbnail selection of shots as opposed to full scale snaps, simply by providing a vigorous swipe in the direction you wish to scroll in.

Enabling you to rattle through your smartphone-shot pics, downloaded images and screen shots at a faster, often more convenient rate, this Sense-enabled characteristic is just one example of the enhanced user friendliness of the HTC One V.