The HTC One Mini 2 is a solid smartphone and provides a strong option for those seeking a high-end device closer in size to the iPhone 5S than the current fleet of Android flagships.

With a premium design and decent feature set the One Mini 2 offers an enticing package, but unfortunately it isn't without some flaws.

We liked

Again HTC has impressed with its smartphone design. The curved metal chassis of the One Mini 2 looks and feels wonderfully premium and the clever engineering of the plastic frame makes it easy to miss. A clear advancement on last year's One Mini.

The inclusion of a microSD slot is another big plus point over last year's offering, making the One Mini 2 a far stronger media machine.

Some will be disappointed the Duo Camera from the One M8 isn't present here, but a 13MP offering means the One Mini 2 is still well equipped in this department, while the Boomsound speakers and audio enhancement still sound great.

We disliked

The thing I was most disappointed about with the HTC One Mini 2 was its performance.

The lack of zip in the user interface and the slight lag when opening applications may not seem like a huge issue, but it makes for a jarring experience and one that begins to irk after a while.

Battery life is another area where the One Mini 2 falls down. Considering HTC's dramatic improvement in battery efficiency in the One M8 I was hoping to see some of the fruits of that labour passed down. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, and the lower grade processor is a real shame.

The slightly chunkier build may put some off, but I don't see it as a real problem, although the One Mini 2 is quite tall for a "mini" device and I wouldn't have said no to a full HD display with better colour reproduction.


I like the idea of a smaller HTC One M8, one which is more manageable in the hand and easier to slide into a pocket.

With the HTC One Mini 2 the Taiwanese firm has manage to keep the beautiful stylings, but on the inside it feels like attention to detail waned a little, with a sub-par processor and a battery which doesn't do the phone justice.

That said, compare it to its size rivals - the iPhone 5S and 5C, Xperia Z1 Compact and Ascend P7 - and the One Mini 2 is still a very capable handset at a reasonable price point.

First reviewed: May 2014