HTC Legend review

Taking Android to the next level - Apple should be scared

The definitive HTC Legend review
The definitive HTC Legend review

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The connectivity options on the HTC Legend are the same as on any other Android phone - this means the usual suspects of Wi-Fi, 7.2Mbps HSPDA fast download speeds, Bluetooth and GPS.

Wi-Fi is a little suspect on the Legend - when in direct sight of the router, we still didn't have full signal, and there have been some anecdotal reports of Wi-Fi dropping out at times when moving further away.

HTC legend

Similarly Bluetooth was also pretty poor - listening to music over the A2DP stereo connection using Jabra Halo headphones was a very, very patchy affair.

This meant that audio constantly stopped and stuttered - it was listenable, but only just... we wouldn't recommend the HTC Legend as a Bluetooth headphones device to anyone.

HTC legend

GPS, as we mentioned just now, is pretty good though - it's capable of quickly locating you, even with trees or buildings around.

The a-GPS, used to give your weather location on the home screen, is less effective though - often taking time to refresh where you are, and therefore making the updated weather information hard to come by.

But the 3G signal was good and strong, with files downloading quickly and maintaining a couple of bars throughout long train journeys, which is always a good sign.

HTC legend

The PC Sync options were nice as well - you could either charge the phone, use it as a modem to access the internet, connect it as a mass storage device or use HTC Sync.

Sadly we were unable to back up our HTC Legend using the Sync option – whether it was because the phone hasn't been released to the public yet or something else, but it kept telling us it was disconnected.

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