Battery life on the HD2 is better than you'd expect from a phone with a 1230mAh battery, lasting longer than a day, but not by much.

That's not actually too bad when you consider the strain you put the phone through - a full day, every day, of push email, likely Wi-Fi being left on and a spot of internet browsing/media playback (all of which are excellent on the HD2) being used as well, and it makes sense that the battery will be given a bit of a hammering.

HTC hd2

It's a good job that the HD2 uses a more universal charger, as on a couple of occasions we've been left without one and luckily a number of people these days have a microUSB charger to spare. Seems the days are gone when every drawer was filled with a Nokia charger instead.

HTC hd2

The organiser is a dream, as you'd expect on a behemoth like Windows Mobile. The calendar is integrated nicely with the Sense UI too, so not only do you get all the important appointments displayed prominently on the lock screen, as well as obviously on the relevant calendar day, the phone will also show you the upcoming weather stats for that period too.

The calendar will sync with both Google and your Exchange server, depending on how you choose to use it, meaning it's easy to see what's coming up either from your personal or working life.

HTC hd2

Office Mobile is included too, with the likes of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as software for viewing PDFs as well, so you'll have no excuse when the boss asks why you haven't looked at that document yet.

On top of that, there's additional functionality such as Remote Desktop viewing through a dedicated application, and the obligatory notes and voice recording you've come to know and love on such phones.