Hands on: KISA Phone review

The mobile phone for the elderly or physically/visually impaired

Kisa Phone
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The Kisa Phone is a very targeted piece of software and not for everyone - though is adhere's to the name Kisa, which stands for Keep-It-Simple-Always.

It is for those who only need to make phone calls during emergencies or need it for very limited use.

There's really nothing else this phone will do except be a handy emergency medical card if you choose to list critical medical info on the back.

And the people that Kisa is targeting for awareness about the product are the children or carers of the elderly or the physically and visually impaired.

Kisa says it is also good for very young children, or for children that may have allergies or other medical conditions - but we imagine they'll be wanting their own iPhone soon enough.

We liked

The simple design and basic functions all work really well, and the SOS button I'm sure will give peace of mind to many family members.

The fact that the customisations allow for things like pictures in stead of names, as well as braille and different languages makes this a very versatile option for those looking for a handset for a loved one.

Kisa's own mobile plans is also nicely catered to the requirements of this type of handset, as is the 15-minute cut off.

As simple as it is, buttons can't be accidentally pressed, but still manageable for those who might have difficulty.

We disliked

The sound quality for calls still leaves something to be desired, and we wonder how well it will work for those who have difficulty hearing - but really, this is a small complaint over all.

Having longer hours for support would also be an improvement, but with Kisa a start-up company, resources are probably limited.

We would also have liked to see a waterproof design, as we imagine a lot of accidents could happen around water.

Final verdict

The Kisa Phone is a great phone if you're out looking for something for your grandparents, elderly parents, or those who just can't work a touch screen.

It's designed well and has been thought through very well, with a light design that just does what it is meant to and nothing more.

There could be improvements, and the Kisa team who are very passionate about the work they are doing, have said they are always looking for new ideas and ways to make things better.

It's a handset that is filling a void in the current market, and there will be those out there who will need a mobile phone just like this.