Messaging on the Acer Liquid S100 is a, well, difficult experience if we're trying to put it in a balanced way.

The thing about using the messaging functions on the phone is that while the Android system is good and can handle elements like threaded conversations and improved contact integration, there are some companies that can't seem to get the basics right when it comes to text entry, and Acer is one of them.

Acer liquid s100

The Acer NeoTouch S200 was one such device, with it's impossible-to-use Windows Mobile keyboard, and while the Liquid's is miles ahead of that, it's still sorely lacking.

Acer liquid s100

For one, when you're trying to reply in a threaded conversation, trying to press the 'Tap to compose' screen just doesn't work - if we hadn't known the trick of holding down the menu icon on the touch sensitive row to force the keyboard open, messaging would have been impossible.

And while the Acer Liquid does support predictive text (like on the HTC range, where it works out which word your fumbling thumbs were trying to type) it's nowhere near as good, with it basically capitalising the letter 'I' and putting the odd apostrophe in here and there.

But most infuriatingly, if you try and write 'and' or 'an' the Liquid will decide you actually want to write 'Android' instead and insert it in.

Acer liquid s100

On the plus side, the Liquid does have RoadSync as standard, which means that you've got access to Exchange email instantly. We're big fans of this being offered, as it makes any Android phone instantly more useful as a device. The interface and synchronisation are good, as is the calendar support, so a big well done to the company for including that.