Vodafone Sure Signal review

Boost your Vodafone 3G signal using the power of your broadband

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vodafone sure signal

We liked:

The Vodafone Sure Signal works great in boosting in-building signal coverage. Its set-up procedure is straightforward and requires minimal technical know how, giving it an easy-to-use appeal. No phone configuration is required either – once set up, you just use your phone(s), or other mobile devices, as normal.

It works well and provides consistent voice and data connection at full strength within range of the Sure Signal.

We didn't like:

The price isn't particularly cheap at the moment, so its appeal to users may be limited; alternative networks with better local coverage might appear a simpler, cheaper option. We'd have also liked the facility to amend our user list online rather than having to phone a helpdesk. All else was fine.


The Vodafone Sure Signal could prove a useful investment for Vodafone customers struggling with indoor coverage in the home or office. Vodafone has delivered a simple to set up and use solution that lives up to its billing.

Whether the benefit is worth the price will depend on your particular needs and communication alternatives, though it does work efficiently and effectively.