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Fitbit Ultra Wireless Tracker review

Keep a track of your stats from steps to sleep

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Tracker
Available in blue or plum, the Fitbit Ultra is a neat little clip


  • Smart, well-built device
  • Reasonably accurate tracking
  • Rich, expandable online service


  • Expensive

For those interested in personal stats, such as how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned, how much sleep you're getting, then the tremendous Fitbit Ultra's for you.

This information is essential for helping you on the way to a healthy lifestyle. Using its accelerometer and altimeter, it tracks how many steps you've taken, how far you've walked, how many calories you've burned, and how many stairs you've climbed.

The data you upload via your Mac (automatically syncing wirelessly with the charging base station) can also be synced to an iPhone app or accessed from any device from a mobile-optimised site, but you can't sync data directly to your iPhone.

Happily, an OLED screen under the velvety plastic exterior can cycle through all the live stats.

The app also lets you track more areas of your life, including calorie intake, amount of water drunk, weight and more. Online, you can track how well you slept and even add custom things to track.

It claims to be 95-97% accurate for step counting, and that feels fair; you can improve the distance by calculating your stride and tweaking the default values online.

For a £40 per year subscription, the Premium service further extends your options, by adding a kind of personal trainer, nutritionist and sleep consultant for you. Simply tracking activity can be motivating, but when you have tailored advice, it can be more effective.

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