Huawei MateBook review

Huawei's first Windows 10 tablet is beautiful and flawed

Huawei MateBook review

The MateBook is a new direction for Huawei in that it's not only the company's first Windows device but also it's a shift away from the company's cheaper gadgets. The 12-inch tablet enters the great 2-in-1 game with established champions like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

We liked

Huawei has gotten a lot right on its first Windows tablet outing. There's no other device that feels quite as premium and pristine as the MateBook. From the all-aluminum frame to the accurate fingerprint scanner, the Chinese company has perfectly adapted the best qualities of its mobile devices to a hybrid tablet. On its own, the MateBook also offers more configuration options with a gorgeous display and surprisingly potent sound.

We disliked

Unfortunately, for as many things as the MateBook gets right, it's a clear example of being too thin for its own good. Battery life and general performance suffer due to the device being 0.69cm thin. It's an amazing feat that Huawei made a full Windows slate as thin as the iPad Pro, however, battery life averaging around three hours and an uncomfortably flimsy keyboard base are two massive missteps.

Final verdict

The Huawei MateBook is a perfect example of style without enough substance. There are plenty of good ideas here including the overall high-end design. The finish of the device is impeccable and the touch of leather for the keyboard folio and even the accessories holder helps elevate this product to the luxury class.

However, just because it looks good doesn't mean it works perfectly. Huawei is pitching the device as a business tablet, but it underperforms on power. Due to the posh but flimsy keyboard cover, it's also a bit more uncomfortable to use on your lap over other slates.

And without the battery life to back it up and competing devices that offer a greater bargain, it's hard to argue that the prestige of Huawei's first Windows tablet is worth the expense.