F-Secure Internet Security 2008

A user friendly and reliable security package

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Our Verdict

Confidence is assured as you have the final decision over each alert


  • Excellent quality interface


  • Numerous restarts required during installation

F-Secure does well to integrate its various elements into a single application, although a glance at the Task Manager revealed 14 separate processes using around 40MB of memory when idle, and installation requires a number of restarts.

Attempting to open an infected email causes a large, imposing pop-up to appear.

Simple interface

Rather than immediately quarantining the virus, though, it offers you a choice of four options, and it's all too easy to tell the program to do nothing about the threat.

We were also informed that our spam filter had 'malfunctioned' almost immediately, a word we might not have chosen to use in a product that aims to be user friendly.

Still, the rest of the interface is top notch, with horizontally tabbed sections providing easy access to the various features, all of which are controlled via web-style underlined links.

It's a well-featured package, and a good choice if you don't mind large dialog boxes and you're happy to be given final decision over each alert.