Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011

Comes with features such as the ability to remotely lock files on a stolen laptop

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  • Remote file lock
  • Online storage included
  • Good software suite


  • Parental controls a bit hit and miss

Trend Micro makes a proud boast after you have installed Titanium Maximum Security 2011 that you need 'never click an update button ever again', as Titanium automatically downloads and installs updates whenever they become available.

On opening the Tools section, we dived into the Parental Controls. There are three preset profiles, plus the option for creating a custom profile. We selected a profile for a child aged 13–17 years and found that pornographic material was supposed to be blocked, while intimate apparel/swimsuit material was perfectly OK.

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These settings seem amazingly precise, yet we had no trouble Googling for photos of poledancers, which means that you are likely to be filled with a false sense of confidence.

There's a browser toolbar to rate the safety of webpages, Secure Erase for permanently deleting data and the Trend Micro Free Tool Centre, which is like an app store for security software.

There is a variety of software on offer, including an option that allows Titanium Maximum customers to claim 10GB of online backup free from Humyo, part of Trend Micro.

Laptop users will appreciate the way that Titanium authenticates wireless hotspots and Wi-Fi networks. When you start using Titanium you create a password to protect your security settings. It can get a bit tedious keying in the password repeatedly; however, it comes into its own with the Micro Vault feature.

You can add files to the Micro Vault where they are protected by the same password. But in the event that your laptop is stolen, once you have informed Trend Micro of the theft, the Micro Vault is locked down remotely across the internet and no one can gain access to the files, even if they have the correct password.

If you are lucky enough to get your laptop back you can establish your identity with Trend Micro and unlock your files. It's a clever idea that, in our eyes, is the key feature of this great security suite.

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