Norton Internet Security 2007 review

It remains one of the most comprehensive and strongest suite

Our Verdict

Not the cheapest suite, but the easy-to-use interface, and amount of features, make it an appealing package


  • Personal firewall
  • Intrusion prevention feature
  • Parental controls


  • Not very different from other packages
  • Expensive

Norton Internet Security 2007 offers a comprehensive range of features, in a familiar interface to other Norton products. After installing the software, you'll be required to activate it online. If you don't do this straight away, you'll be prompted each time you turn on your laptop. Along with an icon for Internet Security, you'll also find one called Protection Centre - clicking it reveals the status of your laptop, and what needs adjusting to increase security.

The user-interface offers a list of features on the left side, and an in-depth explanation of what each one does, and how you can make changes, in the main section. As expected, a personal firewall is included, which we found effective and easy to configure.

It's coupled with an intrusion prevention feature, which scans all data entering and exiting your laptop in order to spot potential attacks. It can also monitor and control the information your laptop sends out, so if you set security to maximum, it will make it difficult for websites to gain access and collect information from your system.

However, as it's not always possible to stop viruses, you'll find the suite also includes Norton Antivirus, which helps to spot viruses before they can infect your system. Potential viruses or programs are moved into quarantine, which protects your laptop. You can then decide whether to delete them, or attempt to clean them if they're important files.

Spyware protection is provided, which prevents unwanted software from being installed. After buying the package, you'll get one year of updates for free.

An anti-spam feature filters your emails, and helps to keep your inbox free from unwanted messages. It also offers protection from pop-ups and adverts, and it's simple to set the levels of protection you require. The settings can be changed for different websites. If you have a family, and have children using your laptop, you'll also be happy to find parental controls can be set for different user accounts.

While Norton Internet Security offers nothing to differentiate itself from other Internet security packages, it's a good solution for protecting yourself while surfing the Internet. At £50, it's not the cheapest suite, but the easy- to-use interface, and amount of features, make it an appealing package.