Kaspersky ONE Internet Secuity

Protect all your devices in one

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  • Low-cost, for multiple devices
  • Windows, Mac and mobile covered
  • No impact on Mac performance


  • Doesn't include iPhone cover

Malware isn't just a problem for a single platform. With this in mind, Kaspersky ONE is designed to help those with wide needs.

It includes the company's well-regarded anti-malware software for Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile up to 6.5, Symbian 9.1 to 9.4, Blackberry, and Android 1.5 to 2.3 (both phones and tablets).

The big exception is, of course, iOS: although Kaspersky would like to create antimalware software for Apple's mobile OS, the kind of deep system integration required simply couldn't be done under Apple's rules for the App Store. Arguably, there's less need for it given the control that Apple has over what gets into its Store.

The idea behind Kaspersky ONE is simple: you buy a subscription for either three machines (£45) or five (£80), and can install on whatever mix of Macs, Windows and the rest you need. That could be two Macs, two Windows PCs and an Android tablet. Or, it could be five Macs: it's entirely up to you.

In use on the Mac, Kaspersky ONE spotted all the malware we threw at it, both Mac and Windows. We also checked the system resources it was using with Activity Monitor, and found that it consistently used less than 1% CPU time, which effectively makes the impact of it on system performance unnoticeable.

Overall, if you need anti-malware protection for a range of different platforms, Kaspersky ONE offers a solid product with good performance at a decent price.

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