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Family Tree Genealogy Suite review

A cheap and easy way to start tracing your steps

Our Verdict

We have our complaints but at just a tenner we really can't voice them too loudly


  • Great price

    Versatile output options

    Easy to use


  • Resources favour US users

    Staid design options

If you've ever thought about tracing your family tree back in time, then there are any number of software packages, but Family Tree (£10 inc. VAT) is a cost-effective introduction.

The interface of the main program is simple and looks like a browser window. You'll find navigation keys across the top of the screen which are simple to understand. The initial family tree layout is a little basic, but this perhaps makes it ideal for the first-time user.

Although lacking a bit of character, you can choose different designs, including the familiar linear style, or even a circle design that works out from the centre.

Clicking on a cell allows you to enter data, such as family names and notes. Once a cell is active, you'll find that it can be linked through to a scrapbook page, which allows you to add more detailed notes or pictures, as well as multimedia files if need be.

When you have entered details of the family you know, it's time to track down distant family relatives. In the menu you can choose to start using the tracing resources, which in effect takes you to the Family Tree website. This resource is rather US-centric, which shows the roots of the program and is the one weakness.

However, the second tool, which is a link to the Internet Research Centre, offers links to more than 500 websites, which makes getting results a great deal easier.

Once you've created your family tree, it's possible to save it off in a number of formats, including PDF. Perhaps the most interesting is as a small book, which can either be printed straight from the program or as a PDF.

Family Tree isn't the most comprehensive of genealogy tools, but for the price, it was never going to be anything more than an introduction. That said, we found it extremely easy to use and a great start to tracing your ancestors.