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Adobe review gives you a fairly good word processor, but little else worth mentioning

Be warned - you can only export 5 PDFs for free. After that you will have to start paying


  • OK Word processor


  • Other tools not very good
  • Limited free version
  • Lack of fonts
  • Formulae not worth using

Unsurprisingly, Adobe's take on the online office suite is very attractive and Flash-based. The former helps to hide the fact that it doesn't do a vast amount compared to the others, while the latter means that it's much slower than the competition.

But while it's flawed, and expensive if you upgrade, it's not without its charms. Built primarily as a collaboration tool rather than a replacement for Office, offers three key features: a document-editing tool called Buzzwords, which works rather well, and a presentation maker and spreadsheet tool flagged up as 'Labs' and 'Beta' respectively.

These two are so simple it's almost surprising that Beta can handle formulae, and they're only available in US English. They're barely worth mentioning, never mind using.

Buzzword, on the other hand, is surprisingly good – to a point. It offers by far the best paper-view of your documents and includes all the standard features, even if it is let down in the strangest ways.

Fonts, for instance. Buzzword gives you just seven, and none are the standards like Ariel and Times New Roman. Buzzword's offerings include Myriad, Minion Pro and Garamond Pro.

Getting your documents out of the service is a pain, because you have to convert them to PDF format, which you can only do five times before you have to upgrade your account to Premium. This costs at least $14.99 a month.

Were it free, would win a few points for style and some of its PDF features, like combining multiple documents. As it is, it's hard to recommend to anyone.

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