Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller review

With Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller, making and managing online stores is easy

Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller
A great way to set up an online shop and earn some cash money

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    Easy to use

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    Template test-drive

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    Widget based design

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    Built-in web metrics


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The Mr Site brand is known for making the process of creating and editing websites very easy. Mr Site Storefront is a new product that focuses on e-commerce.

Previous Mr Site products featured basic selling tools, similar to most of the other site creation programs we've tested here, so how well does Mr Site Storefront fare with this new focus?

The answer is very well. Eschewing some of the more conventional tools included with most website building services, Mr Site Storefront is an excellent choice for creating a website designed to make you money.

As with the Namesco Ecommerce service, if selling products isn't your website's primary goal then you're going to find the features quite limiting. Like previous Mr Site products, all the creating and editing is done online. After logging in, we were presented with an overview showing how much money our website was making, how many orders were completed, the number of products sold and a list of our best-selling products.

Creating a website is easy. You start with a blank page with a number of 'zones', into which you can drop widgets. The widgets are geared towards ecommerce and add some impressive features, like a display of previously viewed items, which give your website a more professional feel.

There are plenty of themes available. You can even select a theme that interests you and then 'test drive' it. This is a good way of seeing how your website would look with the chosen theme, with the settings applied to your existing website without any changes actually being made.

While the actual website creation might be a little on the basic side, Mr Site Storefront really excels in the level of detail it provides about your shop and its customers. The ability to view customers and export them to XML or Excel spreadsheets is a great touch, whilst generating reports is an essential tool for online shops.

If you want a quick and simple way to get a professional and feature-rich website for selling products, we heartily recommend Mr Site Storefront.

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