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Roccat Pyra review

This mini wireless gaming rodent is good whatever hand you use

Roccat Pyra
It's a bit pricey, but this little rodent performs well with either hand


  • Small and easy to use
  • Universal ergonomics
  • Responsive


  • Price
  • Battery drains quickly

This diminutive li'l rodent from Roccat is a neat wireless gaming mouse and no mistake.

If you're into your notebook gaming then having a small, accurate, wireless mouse makes perfect sense.

And the Pyra ticks all those boxes. It really is very small, but thanks to the smart, angular design it rests perfectly between thumb and third finger, leaving your middle and index fingers free to do what they do best – click things.

It's been designed to be as versatile as possible from the ground up. The symmetrical stylings mean that it's as usable for those sinister lefties as it is for the rest of us, and it also comes with a hardware switch to allow you to switch around the left and right buttons should you so desire.

The teeny-tiny wireless dongle has been created so as not to stick out the side of your laptop when it's plugged in. Thankfully, you can stow it away in a wee compartment in the actual mouse itself. Otherwise I can see that miniscule bit o' wireless tech getting lost in a fl ash.

The Pyra has also been designed so that functionality never ceases when it comes to charging the battery up mid-gaming session. Simply plug in the bundled (or indeed any) mini-USB lead and you'll be instantly wired up and charging.

Unfortunately, you might end up spending a fair amount of time wired up, because the battery does seem to run down fairly quickly.

But that's our only real gripe with the Pyra – an otherwise fantastically usable wireless mobile gamer. Well, that and the rather high pricing…

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