Lenovo Horizon 2s review

The portable all-in-one computer that doesn't go far enough.

Lenovo Horizon 2s review

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It's obvious that the Lenovo Horizon 2s is meant to be a more portable version of the Horizon 2, and it succeeds there to some extent. It's smaller and much lighter than its sibling, for one. However, the system is severely hamstrung by its poor battery life. There are other quirks, like the stand that keeps hanging on, but those are easier to live with than a weak battery.

The system's performance closely matches that of the Dell XPS 18 Touch, but that rival PC offers better usability, a better battery and louder speakers. However, it also has a smaller screen and much higher price tag. So, choosing between the two is a compromise between cost and usability.

The Lenovo Horizon 2s does not satisfy if you're looking for the same get-up-and-go experience you get from the Dell XPS 18. However, it helps make up for that with a lower price and software programs like Aura. It might be worth having a Horizon 2s if you don't intend to take the system very far, or can guarantee a power outlet at your destination.

We liked

The Lenovo Horizon 2s has a nice, repsonsive, 19.5-inch non-glare matte screen. The unit is also relatively light, making it easy to carry around. Lastly, the PC offers decent, well-rounded performance despite the fact that it doesn't run high-end 3D games very well.

We disliked

The disapppointing battery lif is the Horizon 2s's worst failing. I'm not a big fan of the clunky kickstand or weak speakers, and the magnetic stand that won't let go, either. Lastly, although the Aura software can be amusing for a time, having it auto-launch each time the screen is tilted too far back can be a real hassle.

Final verdict

With its relatively low price tag, the Lenovo Horizon 2s appears to be a good value, given its features and performance. At the very least, this Horizon certainly costs much less than some of the competitors.

But all things considered, it's tough to justify a portable all-in-one computer tablet that can hardly go anywhere. What's the point? If your heart is set on nabbing this kind of experience for under $1,000, sure you can go with the Horizon 2s. Just know that, if you save a bit more scratch, a superior experience from Dell is waiting.