Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 SLI review

The latest mid-range graphics card marvels bound together in SLI

Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 SLI
Two of these cards will beat the GTX 480 for less money

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460 sli

Well, EVGA's Superclocked cards are still only reference cards. Admittedly they're hand-picked and factory overclocked, but they're still just the basic GTX 460. You can pick up a Palit GTX 460 768MB for only £150, and that comes with its own cooler too.

Theoretically, overclocking two of these babies, even up past what the Superclocked cards are sitting at, will give you the sort of performance people with GTX 480s warming up their PCs would cry for.

We're aware, though, that realistically few of us can actually be bothered going through the inevitably slow process of safe overclocking, or are willing to take the risk with their just-unwrapped hardware. If you do still want to hit the same performance heights then a stock-clocked 1GB will do just as well for £350-odd.

Essentially then, if you're looking for something to power that 30-inch panel you've always wanted to have running in its native resolution, a pair of GTX 460s is the way to go. Forget both of Nvidia and AMD's top cards, this will get your more performance and for less cash.

Which to choose?

The only choice is then which do you go for? If you're up for a bit of easy overclocking on a budget, picking up a pair of £150 GTX 460 768MB cards will suit you down to the ground.

If you don't want to take the risk then a pair of 1GB cards will give you almost the same overclocked performance for only £50 more.

The Superclocked cards, though, still have a hard time justifying themselves. Sure, they give impressive performance results and for the same price as a GTX 480, but the cheaper stock 768MB and 1GB versions will keep you just as happy in your SLI gaming.

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