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Zyxel Homeplug AV Router review

Shove your HD content around your mains ring

The router is neatly finished in fashionable gloss white

Our Verdict

A powerful and innovative router, just not the most intuitive to use at times


  • Attractive design
  • Integrated PowerLine


  • Awkward setup
  • Incompatible with other brands

Getting your AV kit networked is a logical extension of using compressed music and downloaded video from the Internet. But it's not without its problems. Wi-fi is flaky and bandwidth limited, which makes it a poor conduit for video. It's also just not always possible to wire up all areas of your home.

This is where PowerLine comes into its own. Using 200Mb Ethernet adaptors, you can shuffle even hi-def video through your existing electricity mains, extracting it wherever you have a power point. This integrated router solution goes one further.

It combines a 200Mbps PowerLine output with BT-approved modem and wi-fi enabled router. The system is both powerful and versatile. It's best paired with Zyxel's own 200mbps adaptors. If you need to upgrade just a couple of components, it makes a lot of sense.


It looks smarter than a BT Homehub. The router offers four Ethernet connections and is neatly finished in fashionable gloss white.

Integrated PowerLine into the router/modem is a wizard idea and goes some way to justifying the cost of the unit.


Setup is not as intuitive as you might hope.

It's not possible to successfully mix the Zyxel PowerLine adaptors with those from other brands (for example, they wouldn't hook up with 200Mb Netgear adaptors).