Samsung SyncMaster S24B750V review

Samsung's stylish monitor can mirror your smartphone's display

Samsung monitor
You can plug many Android phones directly into this SyncMaster

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The problem for the Samsung SyncMaster S24B750V LED monitor has much to do with timing. If it had been released a year ago, it would be an extremely attractive proposition. As it is, so much has happened in the PC monitor market in the past 12 months, it's been rendered somewhat redundant.

We liked

The number of genuinely stylish PC displays are vanishingly few. On pure aesthetics alone, the Samsung SyncMaster S24B750V LED monitor is painfully desirable. We doubt there's anything out there that can match its futuristic but minimalist design, especially for the price.

As TN panels go, it's also up there with the best. The colours are relatively rich and bold, the contrast is strong and the backlighting is commendably even. Like all TN screens, pixel response is excellent, too. Gamers looking for a serious stylish screen could do an awful lot worse.

The MHL smartphone mirroring feature is another strong point. It's completely effortless in operation and works much better than you might imagine. It's particularly good for viewing HD video content stored on a smartphone.

Having a screen that can provide half decent sound will also be handy for some. We don't want to overstate this one, since even a very cheap speaker kit would be preferable. But as integrated speakers for PC monitors go, the sound quality is good.

We disliked

At this price point, expectations have move on dramatically of late. Thanks to a big push by Apple on IPS screen technology, especially in its iPhone and iPad products, awareness of screen technology and quality among the buying public has improved significantly. Monitor makers have been responding, and the result is a new generation of affordable IPS displays.

That leaves the Samsung S24B750V and its TN panel in a tricky position. As TN screens go, it's premium priced. That puts it into direct conflict with the latest IPS screens, with which it can't compete on most metrics of image quality.

The lack of DVI or DisplayPort connectivity also compromises the Series 7 as an out-and-out PC monitor. HDMI should be good enough for most purposes, but compatibility issues do sometimes arise, especially with AMD video cards.

Finally, as stunning as the chassis and stand are, they offer limited adjustability and no support for VESA mounting. There's a price to be paid for that unique style.

Final verdict

Despite one or two interesting features - notably the MHL smartphone mirroring capability - and decent image quality for a TN screen, the Samsung SyncMaster S24B750V LED monitor is a case of style over substance. There are better IPS screens available for the money.


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