Asus MG248Q review

A reasonably-priced 144Hz gaming display with Adaptive Sync

Asus MG248Q

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We liked

As we've said already, this is a screen clearly aimed at gamers who will prioritise fast performance over the best possible image quality. Yes, it's TN and TN doesn't look as good as IPS. But it's one of the best looking TN screens we've ever seen.

And that helps lower the price, which is a crucial part of the offering here. These features were once only found on hideously expensive monitors, but with a killer price tag it should fly off shelves.

We disliked

Sure, Adaptive Sync is restricted to AMD and Intel graphics cards, but Nvidia GeForce owners will also be delighted by the low response time and fast refresh rates.

Final verdict

The Asus MG248Q really shines when it comes to gaming - its intended area. FPS games in particular are greatly improved at a higher refresh rate, and we spent a good few hours enjoying playing at this fast speed. We've seen it before on other displays of course, but few with a price tag as low as this. Don't be put off by the MG248Q's TN panel - it's simply one of the best we've seen.