AOC U2477PWQ review

This compact 4K monitor won't break the bank


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The AOC U2477PWQ is a well-designed, attractive display with a sharp picture, thanks to its compact dimensions and 4K resolution. Its small footprint means you can perch it on the smallest of desks. And, combined with AOC's Flicker-Free technology, I can watch it for hours on end with minimal eye fatigue.

We liked

It's a case of David and the Goliath for the AOC, whose small size is its biggest strength. At 23.6 inches, it's the most compact 4K display around. With a high amount of pixels per inch, or PPI, images appear incredibly detailed, as do menus, icons and text in both Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

With a low, 4ms response time, the U2477PWQ is a fine fit for games that benefit from its rich colors, high brightness and deep blacks. The inclusion of an HDMI 2.0 port means you can stream 60Hz content and game smoothly.

We disliked

However, the U2477PWQ isn't particularly flexible, offering a small amount of tilt but no swivel, so you'll have to position it directly in front of you to get the best picture. The small amount of height adjustment it offers isn't ideal either, allowing for a minimal amount of movement.

While games look impressive on the U2477PWQ, they aren't as silky smooth as when played on dedicated gaming monitors that feature frame-syncing tech. Plus, operating system scaling can be a bother.)

Final verdict

Featuring excellent color reproduction out of the box, a fast response time and a snazzy compact design, the AOC U2477PWQ is particularly impressive considering its low cost. Hunt around and you can find it for £50 (around $70/AUS$90) cheaper than the Dell P2415Q, which isn't quite so compact and lacks HDMI 2.0.

A jack of all trades, the AOC UP2477PWQ is ideal for office work, productivity applications, surfing the web and other tasks that require extra space on the desktop. As demonstrated with finesse by the PC Specialist Cosmos II, it's not too shabby when it comes to smooth 4K gaming, either.

If you've been waiting for a monitor to convince you that today's the day to go 4K, the AOC U2477PWQ makes a strong case for it.

Kane Fulton
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