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Nubia Alpha review

A wearable, flexible, durable smartphone – with major issues

Image credit: TechRadar


We’ve got mixed feelings about the Nubia Alpha. In some ways it’s a really useful and bold device, with features that make it stand out from the crowd, like its flexible 4-inch screen and superb fitness functions, but in other ways it falls short of the expectations Nubia has built up for it, with a limited range of communication options and useless gesture controls.

Broadly speaking, the device deserves plaudits for the way it looks – whether you love or hate its bulky design, you’ve got to respect how big and bold it is compared to other wearables.

Image credit: TechRadar 

Image credit: TechRadar 

However, we’re not convinced the Nubia Alpha actually had to be so big – it doesn’t really need a camera or gesture controls, and if the tech required for those features was dropped the device would be lighter and more streamlined.

The Nubia Alpha’s biggest problems come in the form of its limited apps and communication options – in the future, if Nubia opts to add new features like WhatsApp support, maps and NFC payment, the Alpha could be a legitimately great wearable, but we can’t say that about it right now.