Misfit Ray review

The Ray is a basic but smart-looking tracker that may appeal to fashion fans

Misfit Ray

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We liked

The Misfit Ray doesn't look like other fitness trackers – as with other Misfit devices, it sticks out. Its software is slick too; the information may not go very deep, but the way in which it's laid out is certainly pleasant enough.

The six-month battery life, meanwhile, completely shows up the Apple Watch and company.

Misfit Ray review

We disliked

The Ray's features are very limited. It doesn't even tell the time, and manual syncing can be a bit of an annoyance if you like your updates quick. As there's no screen you can't really get anything more than an approximation of your progress without a sync too.

The cylinder design can also introduce some comfort issues if you're not careful about how tight you do up the strap.


The Misfit Ray is a style-focused fitness tracker. It's a Fitbit in high heels. However, the focus is definitely more on form than features.

This tracker doesn't work as a clock and doesn't give you a particularly good way to check your progress without looking at your phone, with any information beyond step count having to come via the app.

The smart software is good looking and intuitive, though, and six-month battery life is pretty wonderful. But you have to wonder: isn't it a bit pricey for what it offers?

First reviewed: June 2016

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