Mio Slice review

A wearable that doesn’t just monitor your steps

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It might look like all the rest, but in a world of near carbon copy fitness trackers, the Mio Slice is trying something new. 

It’s a device designed to get you exerting yourself rather than merely walking, and does a good job of encouraging you to become fitter rather than just more active.

The PAI metric is key here and we really hope this sticks around and becomes a key component of other activity trackers, as it’s a great driving force to improve fitness. It needs backing up though, and that’s where the Slice ultimately fails.

What lets the Slice down most - besides a pretty boring look - is the lack of depth to its app. It shows detailed graphs of your heart rate range throughout the day, but doesn’t delve beyond and this stops it becoming a must-buy.

Who's this for?

The Mio Slice is for the fitness fan that wants to take their energy-sapping exercise to the next level and feel slightly smug that they’re doing things ‘properly’ in the process.

You’ll need to know what you’re doing in your fitness regime given the Slice’s limited app abilities, and a competitive streak would help as the PAI, although a more accurate gauge of growing fitness, could also be a serious motivation killer.

Should you buy it?

How fit do you want to be? The Mio Slice will push you to really up your high intensity exercise levels, but can be quite demoralizing if you’re simply looking to become more active and burn a couple more casual calories.

It’s affordable without ever really being cheap and its look isn’t going to inspire. It’s a solid effort, but not one that’s done enough to edge the Fitbit Charge 2 out of fitness tracker top spot.

First reviewed: February 2017