Misfit Flash review

The least flashy fitness tracker you can get

The Misfit Flash requires very little cash

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Discrete with no cords, the Misfit Flash is a decent fitness tracker that has drawn a lot of attention. That said, this is not for people who want something with more detailed metrics.

Misfit Flash

We liked

The long battery life and price tag are the real winners here. Even if it turns out not to be a fit for you, you're not losing much plunking down 50 bucks on this thing.

Paired with its rugged durability and comfort, the Misfit Flash can hang out on your wrist just about anywhere, including underwater activities. This is one of the few wearables that you can actually wear wherever you go and for as long as you want.

We disliked

Just because it claims it can do everything, doesn't mean it can do it well. The Flash just didn't seem to cut it in the accuracy department. So, if you're worried about a device accurately tracking every step and every minute of REM sleep, look elsewhere.

Misfit also wants its line to be the best looking fitness trackers out there but the Flash isn't much to look at.

Final verdict

The Flash is a forgettable device. It doesn't do enough to warrant applause, but it's not outright awful, either. At best, it's an affordable, entry-level fitness tracker. At worst, it's a fancy pedometer.

It's also not much to look at, and I can't help feeling like I'm wearing costume jewelry. It seems Misfit knows this, which is why the Swarovski Shine was launched. That tracker appeals to the more fashion-conscious types who want a little more glitz and glam from their accessories.

But since I'm not willing to break the bank paying for a mediocre fitness tracker just because it "matches my outfit," I'll settle for the Misfit Flash. You can't really expect more with a price tag of $50, but you do get what you pay for.