Jabra Motion review

A high-end Bluetooth headset that might just be worth the money

Jabra Motion
Jabra Motion: It ain't cheap, but it is slick and full-featured

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If you spend a lot of time plying the UK's highways and byways, a Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly a useful solution. Some will prefer a handsfree system plumbed into their car audio system.

However, a headset has the advantage of not requiring any fitting and can be used anywhere – in and out of any car. It's in that context the Jabra Motion must be judged – compared top other headsets, not compared to an integrated alternative.

We liked

Broadly, the Jabra Motion is very easy to set up and use. Initial syncing is a doddle and thereafter, operation couldn't really be easier.

We were also impressed by the noise canceling, which does a good job of masking car noise for those receiving your calls. Battery life is another plus. All-day operation seems realistic from our testing.

We disliked

It's not cheap for a Bluetooth headset, that's for sure. We also found it ergonomically a little tricky. If you wear glasses, we strongly recommend you try the Jabra Motion before you buy to be sure of a comfortable, stable fit.

Final verdict

For some people, the sight of any Bluetooth headset screams "sales rep". We can hardly hold that against Jabra Motion. We can only judge it according to its remit and by that metric it's largely a success.

Only our reservations regards actually wearing and the physical fit of the device prevent it from scoring higher. But overall, it's a quality bit of kit that mostly justifies its premium pricing.


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