Panasonic GF3 review

Small, classy and touchy-feely

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3
The GF3 is Panasonic's smallest, lightest G-series camera to date

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High contrast

This very high contrast scene has been reproduced well, we were squinting at the bright sky

High contrast image brightened

Brightening the first image reveals the amount of detail retained in the shadows


Colours are well reproduced and there's plenty of detail here

Depth of field

Having a sensor that it larger than a compact camera's sensor means there's lots of control over depth of field and you can restrict the focus if you want


The GF3's continuous AF system managed to keep up with this cyclist

ISO1 6400

Noise is evident in this image taken at ISO 6400

ISO 6400 cropped

This crop reveals the levels of noise and loss of detail in JPEGs capatured at ISO 6400


All the highlight detail was retained here, despite the bright sun and dark background, but the light on the screen made it difficult to tell if the camera was level or not - it's a little off kilter

Panasonic gf3

Touch Shutter mode is very useful for candid photography

Panasonic gf3

Having a sensor that is much larger than the averag compact camera sensor means there plenty of control over depth of field. Note also the excellent white balance performance in the mixed lighting.

Panasonic gf3

Though it's not the ideal sports camera, the GF3's continuous AF system managed to keep up with this skater as he moved nearer

Panasonic gf3

The GF3's Multi zone metering system has coped well here

Panasonic gf3

Shot with the 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens wide open to restrict depth of field

Panasonic gf3

The Panasonic GF3 is small enough to not draw any unwanted attention when shooting out and about

Panasonic gf3

Colour reproduction appears to be generally very good