HD 720p movie modes are becoming par for the course on mid-range compacts these days, and the WB600 doesn't disappoint, with 15fps and 30fps modes on offer at 1280 x 720.

It's a little disappointing that the manual modes on offer in stills mode aren't duplicated here, as the ability to choose your own aperture and shutter speed would be significant advantages on a camera with a lens perfect for shooting sports and fast moving animals.

You do at least get control over exposure compensation, so you can change exposure by plus or minus two stops.

Quality is generally good, if not particularly fine-grained. Our test films revealed a middling amount of detail being resolved, which is at odds with the WB600's excellent performance when it comes to shooting stills. However, motion is nicely captured and colours rendered well, even if the integrated stereo microphones could do with a little more protection from the wind.