Samsung SH100 review

A tech-riddled camera with a 3-inch touch-screen and built-in Wi-Fi

Samsung SH100
Built-in Wi-Fi and a touchscreen, what else can the SH100 deliver?

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The metal body of the SH100 is covered in a mottled paint that is textured, but not uncomfortable to hold. The camera has a minimalist design thanks to the touchscreen .

The only issue we have with any part of the design is the location of the flash. It's positioned directly under the shutter release button and while this shouldn't pose too much of a problem, fingers could slip over the edge and cover it up.

The rest of the buttons are nicely spaced around the camera at points that are easy to get to, but they're not all grouped together. We like the flush design of the power button with its slight indentation in the centre to identify it against the body.

Samsung sh100

There's a Menu button on the screen of the camera and while it's very responsive, it's easy to fly past the option you want to use, or enter a mode you don't want at all.

With all that in mind, the camera is easy to use. Once we got our head around the mismatched options in the Home menu, we found it was easy to navigate. Initially, we lost our patience a couple of times with the main menu and entering into features we didn't want to use, but after a while we got used to it.