Logic3 Valve80 review

A little bit of history repeating itself

Logic3 Valve80
The solid and good looking Valve80 amplifier is sadly let down by it's flat sounding speakers

TechRadar Verdict

A good amplifier is let down by the speakers it has been paired with


  • +

    Good valve amp

  • +

    Nice design


  • -

    Flat sounding speakers

  • -

    Not to all tastes

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With its shiny sci-fi stylings straight from the befinned sketchbook of a 1950s auto-designer, Logic3's Valve80 iPod dock capitalises on the aesthetic of the olde worlde technology at its heart.

Sat next to a PC monitor, this highly polished iPod dock adds a touch of cyberpunk glam to any desk.

The highlight, of course, is the set of three glowing vacuum tubes which audiophiles value for the warmth they add to digital music, but the silvered rail surrounding the dock and the domed tweeters rising above the black speaker bodies are so 'burger joint' that they should come with their own rollerskating waitress.

The whole effect is finished off with a pair of pulsing LED VU meters on the front of the tube cage. A single large knob on the front switches between the remote controlled dock and two PC-friendly secondary inputs.

Sound matters

Looks, however, are secondary to sound quality at any price, especially this one, and the amp half of this kit doesn't disappoint. It's frankly too good for most digital tracks, and reveals every compression flaw in badly encoded music. The clarity really is an achievement in itself.

The speakers, on the other hand, don't live up to their appearance. Valve amps aren't renowned for their bass response, but the flat overall sound of this system is entirely down to the very dull profile of the speakers.

Unfortunately it means most will be better off with the lower priced Fatman amp and their own drivers.