Nevo C3 review

For technophobes and technophiles alike, this remote offers great flexibility

Nevo C3
If you use a Mac, the software for the Nevo C3 will not work, so you will need to configure the remote on a PC

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    Touch-screen controls

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    Easy set-up and online configuration


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    Configuration software doesn't work with Macs

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The Nevo C3 is a versatile universal remote control, equipped with a touchscreen, rechargeable battery and charging cradle, and capable of controlling up to 18 different devices.

However, the manufacturers can't quite seem to decide how they want to sell it.

Install overkill

Somewhat ambivalently, while the Nevo website emphasises the need for a professional installer to come to your home and set it up for you, they also boast that it's easy for complete beginners to use. In fact, the basic set-up procedure is extremely easy.

When you turn it on for the first time, the C3's touchscreen asks what types of device you want to control, and then displays a list of well-known manufacturers that you can choose from with a simple tap of your finger.

You can also set up 'activities' that control multiple devices, and even create a list of your favourite broadcast channels.

In order to use these features you have to install Nevo's EZ-RC software on a computer that has internet access. As per Logitech's Harmony software, EZ-RC connects to an online database that you can use to configure the device.

But, unlike the Harmony software, EZ-RC wouldn't run on my Mac, so I was forced to borrow a colleague's PC laptop in order to install and configure the remote.

To be fair, I was impressed by the way the EZ-RC software was able to identify and control my FetchTV box more quickly than any of its rivals. However, the high price and lack of Mac compatibility are weaknesses that will deter quite a few people.

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