T-Bao MN78 Cyberpunk mini PC review

Cyberpunk-inspired design, gamer-ready mini PC

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC
(Image: © Ali Jennings)

TechRadar Verdict

The T-Bao MN78 is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a blend of compactness and power. Its AMD Ryzen 7 processor and Radeon 780M GPU provide enough muscle for most modern games. At the same time, its sleek, Cyberpunk-inspired design with customisable lighting will appeal to the aesthetic-conscious gamer. The large, quiet fan ensures excellent cooling and helps keep performance consistent. However, users may need to adjust graphics settings for optimal gameplay, and some technical knowledge is required for initial setup. Despite these minor drawbacks, the MN78 stands out as an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts who don't want a full desktop or are limited in space.


  • +

    Powerful gaming performance

  • +

    Customizable lighting

  • +

    Decent silent cooling


  • -

    Settings adjustment needed for optimal gameplay

  • -

    Technical setup knowledge

  • -

    Limited standard storage

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T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC: 30-second review


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS
Graphics: AMD Radeon 780M 12cu
Storage: 512GB M.2 SSD
Rear Ports: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, 2 x LAN, 1 x DP
Front Ports: 2 x USB 3.2, 3.5mm audio, 1 x USB 4
Connectivity: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Audio: 3.5mm headphone jack
Camera: N/A
Size: 13.15 x 13.15 x 5.5 cm
OS installed: Windows 11 Pro
Accessories: Charge Adapter, User Manual

The T-Bao MN78 is a mini PC with a difference and one that will instantly appeal to gamers and, for that matter, anyone who wants a machine with a little aesthetic appeal. There's no doubt that the MN78 Cyberpunk name and futuristic design outline instantly that this is a machine designed for gamers, especially when plugged in and the rainbow lights illuminate. The T-Bao MN78 mini PC is a more affordable gamer option than the impressive Acemagic Tank 03, we reviewed. But then again, it doesn't quite have the pure processing grunt offered by some of the other best mini PCs we've tested.  

At the heart of the MN78 lies an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor; this new generation of processors certainly ups the game when it comes to outright performance and, through the test, impressed. This processor is further boosted by the integrated AMD Radeon 780M GPU. While these processor combos were designed for laptops, they're perfectly suited to these mini PCs and offer superb performance. Whether it's running graphically intensive games or multitasking between creative applications, the MN78 proved a great solution. However, it's worth noting that in order to get the best gaming performance, a bit of tweaking in the graphics settings might be required for some games, such as Cyberpunk 2077; while this machine is good, it doesn't quite meet the power of a full-sized laptop.

Connectivity options on the MN78 are generous, featuring USB 3.2 and 2.0 ports, HDMI, DP, and Type-C ports, along with dual LAN ports. This range allows for easy connection to various peripherals and displays, making it a versatile unit for different setups.

While the machine is designed for gamers, it packs decent power, so it is perfectly suited to creative applications; the small size and distinctive design with a solid build means that it's easy to transport without worry. If you are looking for a decent all-rounder that looks a little different, then this is a great machine, although I would be tempted to opt for the 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD version to enable some headroom. 

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC: Price & availability

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

You can easily pick up the T-Bao MN78 Cyberpunk on popular online platforms like Banggood and Geekbuying, catering to a wide range of consumers. As of the latest information, it's priced at approximately $600-790 / £500-600. But we recommend checking the sites for flash sales and discounts to get it cheaper. 

You can get a variety of different configurations, such as the version with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD, provides options if you need more power and storage, although this will come at a higher cost. 

  • Score: 4/5

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC: Design & build

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

This mini PC instantly stands out, blending functionality with futuristic, Cyberpunk aesthetics. Its compact form factor, measuring just 13.15 x 13.15 x 5.5 cm, makes it an ideal choice if you're limited in space. The machine's design sees a sleek, white exterior that reflects the Cypherpunk name engraved into the top, with plenty of venting to help aid with the cooling. If the futuristic white is not your thing, then the machine is also available in black.

The Cyberpunk-inspired design that truly sets the MN78 apart. The mini PC features customisable RGB lighting, which adds a vibrant touch to its overall look and really helps to define this as a gamer; a nice touch here is a button on the front that enables you to personalise the lighting in accordance with your mood or preference, which can be off if the bright light is too distracting. This feature is, of course, aimed at gamers, but it has a certain appeal beyond that genre as well.

In terms of build quality, the MN78 is impressive. OK, it's plastic, but it feels robust and well-constructed, indicating a focus on durability alongside style. If you want to take this machine with you, then the size and high build quality mean that it is very suitable for this purpose. Every aspect, from the ports to the cooling vents, has been well-designed, with good spacing for cable insertion and flexibility over the accessories you use. 

One of the key design features is its large cooling fan. This component can be seen through the cutouts in the top plate of the machine; these aren't just there for looks and serve a practical purpose in enabling heat management to keep the machine cool when working under load; the size of the fan also helps to contribute to the MN78's quiet operation.

  • Design: 4.5/5

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC: Features

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Central to the MN78's performance is the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor, designed for laptop platforms and perfectly suited to the compact PC form-factor, making it ideal for both demanding gaming sessions and intensive creative work. This processor features an integrated AMD Radeon 780M 12cu GPU. It's never going to be a true alternative to the best gaming laptops, but it offers enough processing weight to handle most modern games with ease, with some settings adjustments and creative applications. 

While internal processing is a key feature, unlike many other mini PCs we've tried, the striking design makes this model stand out. The futuristic design looks great, with the customisable RGB lighting adding ambience, but as well as being aesthetic, it also plays a functional role. 

The cutouts in the design enable plenty of venting, and all ports on the back are well-spaced, making plugging in and removing accessories nice and easy. The LEDs on the large cooling fan that covers the majority of the top section of the computer are visible through the cutouts on the top plate, which are all part of the design to enhance heat management. This ensures that the mini PC remains cool under load; playing Cyberpunk 2077 with some of the settings reduced to enhance the gameplay, the cooling system proved it's worth keeping the performance of the machine consistent and the fan noise low. 

Build quality is another area where the MN78 shines. Despite its plastic construction, it feels robust and well-made, indicating a focus on durability. The Build, coupled with the compact size of the MN78, makes it an ideal companion if you need a portable yet powerful computing solution for gaming, creative tasks or both. 

  • Features: 4/5

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC: Performance

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Crystal Disk Read: 5072.98
Crystal Disk Write:
GeekBench CPU Single:
GeekBench CPU Multi:
GeekBench Compute:
PC Mark:
CineBench CPU Multi:
CineBench CPU Single:
Fire Strike Overall:
Fire Strike Graphics:
Fire Strike Physics:
Fire Strike Combined:
Time Spy Overall:
Time Spy Graphics:
Time Spy CPU:
Wild Life:
Windows Experience:

The T-Bao MN78 showcases impressive performance across a variety of applications and games and, through the test results and real-world usage, we found it to pack more power than most.

Starting with benchmark tests, the Crystal Disk Read and Write scores of 5072.98 and 2598.10, respectively, show swift data transfer rates, making it an excellent choice for tasks requiring quick access to large files such as video editing. The GeekBench scores, both in single (2486) and multi-core (11474) tests, highlight the processor's efficiency in handling both singular intensive tasks and multitasking scenarios. The high GeekBench Compute score of 32878 further underscores its graphical power, helping with gaming and video rendering.

In CineBench tests, the MN78 achieves a multi-core score of 14608 and a single-core score of 1720, which indicates that it will be able to handle CPU-intensive tasks effectively. The PC Mark score of 7243 aligns with this, suggesting a well-rounded performance in everyday computing tasks.

Gaming performance is the main focus of this machine. In the Fire Strike and Time Spy tests, the MN78 scores 6587 and 3004 overall, with particularly strong results for graphics and physics, again reinforcing its suitability for gaming. The Wild Life score of 13154 and a Windows Experience Index of 8.2 shows that it's good for gaming as well as general use.

Real-world application tests paint a similar picture. In Photoshop, the MN78 performs excellently, though the benefit of a RAM upgrade to 32GB and a larger SSD for files from the latest cameras, such as the Sony A7IV and Canon EOS R5 C. And there's scope for swapping out the best video editing laptops for the even small, more portable mini PC in some use-cases. Its performance in Premiere Pro is excellent for HD video editing and good for 4K, showing it can handle professional-grade video editing tasks, albeit more comfortably with expanded memory and storage.

Gaming tests reveal its abilities further. It was never going to match the power of the best gaming PCs, of course - while playing Cyberpunk, we had to make adjustments in settings for optimal performance. But the gameplay was more than satisfactory, and running the in-game bench helped me fine-tune the settings. In Dirt Rally and Portal 2, the MN78 delivers excellent performance, showcasing its ability to handle fast-paced games and deliver smooth graphics. Hogwarts Legacy also runs excellently after some settings adjustments.

Overall, the T-Bao MN78 Mini PC is as a versatile performer, capable of handling a range of tasks from professional creative applications to intensive gaming, with the lowering of some graphic and resolution settings. While it benefits from additional RAM and storage for more demanding tasks, its base configuration offers a solid foundation for a variety of uses.

  • Performance: 4.5/5

Should you buy the T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC?

The T-Bao MN78 is a great blend of style, power, and versatility, offering great value for money. Its performance in gaming and creative tasks is impressive, especially considering its compact form. The customisable RGB lighting and sleek design add to its appeal, making it not just a powerful machine but also a stylish addition to your desktop. While it excels in many areas, the need for potential upgrades in RAM and storage for high-end tasks is worth considering. Overall, for those seeking a compact yet powerful PC, the MN78 is a solid choice in the mini PC market.

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ValueImpressive performance at a reasonable pri4
DesignStylish, compact, and customisable aesthetics4.5
FeaturesRich in features, though limited by default storage4
PerformanceStrong in gaming and multitasking4.5
TotalA solid choice for compact PC enthusiasts4.5

T-Bao Cyberpunk Mini PC

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Buy it if...

You're a gaming who likes stylish machines
If you're a gamer who loves a PC that stands out with customisable lights and strong performance, the MN78 is a perfect match. It offers a unique blend of style and gaming prowess in a compact package.

You're a space-conscious power user
Ideal for those with limited space but unwilling to compromise on power. Its small footprint doesn't hinder its ability to handle a variety of demanding applications, from gaming to content creation.

Don't buy it if...

You're a high-end creative professional
If your primary requirement is high-end 4K video editing or 3D rendering that demands extensive storage and memory, you might find the MN78's default configuration limiting.

You're working to a budget
For those on a tight budget, the MN78 might be a stretch, especially considering potential upgrades for RAM and storage to unlock its full potential truly.