Someone took Nvidia's fastest CPU ever and built an absurdly fast desktop PC with no name — It cannot play games but comes with 576GB+ of RAM and starts from $43,500

GH200 Grace Hopper supercomputer
(Image credit: has unveiled the world's first Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip-powered supercomputer, and it’s an absolute beast. Housed in a sleek, compact desktop form it currently holds the title as the fastest ARM desktop PC in existence.

The PC is optimized for memory-intensive AI tasks, particularly inference and fine-tuning of LLMs, and HPC applications like genome sequencing. It can function as a server or a desktop workstation and offers the flexibility of offline use.

As you would expect, the machine delivers impressive performance, clocking in at up to 284 times faster than x86, helped out in no small part by an impressive 576GB+ of RAM, making it capable of running the largest LLMs currently available.

Even more RAM if you need it

Despite its high performance, the makers say it’s power-efficient and is easy to transport. It operates quietly and features a visually appealing design. It runs on Linux and requires no special infrastructure to function. says in comparison to 19-inch server models, this desktop form has several advantages. It's quieter, more transportable, and can be deployed quickly and easily almost anywhere. It offers virtually non-existent latency when used as a desktop/workstation.

Its manufacturer also says it outperforms alternative systems in terms of cost, energy consumption, and performance. Compared to 8x Nvidia H100, GH200 is 5x cheaper, consumes 10x less energy, and delivers comparable performance.

The base configuration of the PC includes a Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, 72-core NVIDIA Grace CPU, NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, and 576GB or 624GB of fast-access memory. You can customize the desktop however you would like with a choice of cards, drives, and ports.

The PC is available in two color choices: Titan grey and Champagne gold. The cost for this desktop supercomputer currently starts from $43,500.

The manufacturers are currently working on a choice of models with alternative cases. These include 'Special Edition', 'Liquid', 'Glass', 'Glass Special Edition', and 'Liquid Glass', and these will be available in the coming months.

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