Namecheap's new AI tool looks to supercharge website building

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In an effort to boost small business and entrepreneur efforts, Namecheap has introduced yet another AI tool in its suite of Relate-branded products.

RelateAds stands out for its user-friendly design and ease of use, with the domain registrar hoping that it can take the guesswork out of advertising on platforms like Google and social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram.

Besides providing AI-generated content, RelateAds also promises to do more to help SMB owners to target their desired audiences.

Namecheap RelateAds for AI advertising

The tool will allow businesses to target audiences with great precision, monitor competitors, and acquire more insights with regard to performance. Users can also select their precise budget to control exactly how much they want to spend on the tool.

According to Namecheap, it will take users just “three easy steps” to set up RelateAds.

Eva Alexandropoulos, Namecheap Director of Business Development, said: “Looking at our brand and the customers we service, there was a gap in servicing small businesses with DIY marketing products that help them grow online. Our goal is to remove the complications so they feel empowered to grow their business successfully”

Like most other service providers these days, Namecheap’s portfolio is increasingly boosted by artificial intelligence.

Its other AI-enhanced products include RelateSocial for creating social media content, reputation management tool RelateReviews, and a pair of tools designed to interact with search engines: RelateSEO and RelateLocal.

RelateAds costs $18.88 per month, however an intro price of $9.88, or around a 48% discount, is currently available, making it the brand’s third-most expensive Relate product after RelateSEO ($28.88 monthly for Pro) and RelateLocal ($28.88 monthly for Pro and $48.88 monthly for Hospitality Pro).

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