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FileHold is an effective document management software for enterprises. It makes storing and retrieving important documents easy and keeps your workflow smooth.


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    Advanced search tool

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    User-friendly interface

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    Excellent customer support


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    No mobile or desktop app

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Running a business requires generating and storing many digital documents, some containing sensitive information. Keeping track of thousands to millions of documents in an organization can be difficult. That’s why software companies offer electronic document management tools to simplify this task.

FileHold is one of the most popular document management platforms. As its name implies, this platform allows businesses to store files securely and retrieve them whenever needed. 

How does FileHold work? What are its core features? Is it suitable for your organization to adopt? We’re reviewing FileHold to help you answer these common questions.

FileHold: Plans and pricing

FileHold offers flexible pricing options with different plans for different types of users. The cost depends on the number of users (seats) and if you choose some optional features. Unlike other document management tools, there are no charges related to the volume of documents or storage consumed. 

FileHold's Cloud platform costs $10 per user per month, while the On-Premise version costs $15 per month. Picking some optional features can increase the price of the Cloud or On-Premise versions, so beware. Such optional features include integration with Adobe Electronic Signature, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and a FastFind advanced search tool.

FileHold doesn't really have standard pricing. Instead, interested customers can message or call the sales team and negotiate a deal depending on the number of seats, hosting method (cloud or on-premise), and the optional features. Fortunately, FileHold offers a two-week free trial for interested customers, which can be extended depending on your negotiation with the sales team. 

FileHold: Features

FileHold offers many useful document management features, including:


FileHold provides up to 4 TB of cloud storage capacity for its users. This space is enough to hold millions of files for companies. Users can create multiple file repositories sharing the same storage space. Each repository acts like a distinct file storage system.

If you’re running FileHold on your servers, it’s up to you to decide how much storage space is required for your documents.

Version Control

Version control lets users know where their documents are and what version they are working on. As you make changes, FileHold retains a unique copy of each version, and no version is ever overwritten. This way, if you make mistakes, you can revert to previous versions of the same file.

You can view any file version within your browser and download it to your desktop to check. You can track the timing of when any version was added and who added it. Essentially, version control makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on the same documents and monitor each other’s changes.

Document Classification

Classification is as important as storing documents. There’s no use in storing documents but not classifying them in a way that makes it easy to retrieve anyone you want. Fortunately, FileHold offers advanced document classification features. 

You can add metadata (tags) to every document you store on FileHold. For example, you can tag a group of files as “contracts” and another as “sensitive.” When you want to retrieve them, simply search for the “contracts” or “sensitive” tag, and you’ll find all the documents to which you added the tags.

This feature may seem trivial, but it’s critical for companies storing massive documents. Instead of struggling to remember specific names of documents, you can add one or two-word tags to every document, which are easy to remember. If you want a particular document, simply search for its tag, and you’re good to go. 

Audit Logging and Tracking

Security is paramount in file management; companies need to keep logs of who accesses and edits files in case of leaks, theft, or other potential issues. Fortunately, FileHold tracks and logs every user interaction with a document. It tracks all document usage, including who created each version of a document and when they created it. 

Administrators can see the permanent record of a document's interactions. They can search through the database to see who took any type of action on a document: moved, copied, viewed, printed, deleted, etc. This way, it’s easy to trace the source of any issues.

Document Linking

FileHold allows users to link related documents together. For instance, you can link a master contract to all the amendments to the same contract. Then, you can see a list of all documents linked to a specific one and sift through them with minimal clicks. 

Document-to-document linking is akin to maintaining a parent-child relationship between documents. One document acts as the "parent," and it is linked to other files, which are the "children." This feature makes it easier for companies to organize their documents.

Electronic Forms

FileHold lets you create and manage electronic PDF forms for your organization. You can issue a form to anybody, and they can fill it out and send it back to your FileHold storage. You can create invoices, job applications, expense reports, permits, etc., and manage them digitally instead of using paper forms that take valuable physical space and are expensive to store. 

FileHold lets you issue electronic forms anywhere there's an internet connection available. When the relevant person sends back the form filled with data, FileHold can automatically extract it and match it to your schemas and metadata fields. For example, it can automatically extract the details of an expense report, removing the need for manual data entry. 

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular enterprise collaboration tools. FileHold is integrated with Teams to foster collaboration within companies that already use the product. 

For instance, you can create documents in Teams and send them to FileHold in one step when they're ready for storage. You can transfer a document from FileHold to Teams to work on it and take it back to FileHold when done. Any document changes are automatically synchronized between Teams and FileHold.


FileHold has a calendar you can use to set reminders about your document workflow. You can set tasks ahead of time and track them on the calendar. The calendar summarizes your daily tasks and reminders in a way you can easily monitor. It displays active, overdue, completed tasks and scheduled events to keep you updated.


Courier is an optional file-sharing feature that comes with FileHold (for an extra cost). This system allows you to share documents with people inside or outside your organization, with a "proof of delivery" system that allows you to track if the document ever arrived at the intended destination and if the recipient opened it. Every recipient receives a Courier document via an email containing a secure link, which you, the sender, can fully track from your FileHold dashboard.

FileHold: Interface and In Use

FileHold has a user-friendly interface you’ll likely enjoy using. The app is accessible via a web browser, so you can log in from anywhere if you have the correct credentials. Unfortunately, FileHold has no native mobile app for iOS and Android. It works primarily via a web browser, which puts it at a competitive disadvantage. 

FileHold: Support

FileHold offers excellent support to customers. Firstly, there’s a detailed Knowledge Base covering all aspects of the platform. If you experience any issues, consult this Knowledge Base to find a possible solution.

If the Knowledge Base isn’t satisfactory, you can email FileHold's team and await a response within 24 hours. FileHold offers first-rate technical support to keep customers happy. Users can also access a library of videos and user guides to familiarize themselves with FileHold.

FileHold: Competitors

There’s no shortage of document management software competitors. FileHold has many rivals, such as PandaDoc, DocuWare, and Zoho WorkDrive. FileHold stands out against the competition with its user-friendly interface and first-rate customer support. However, the lack of a mobile app puts FileHold at a competitive disadvantage. It’s also a costly tool compared to some rivals. 

FileHold: Final verdict

Document management platforms serve a critical function in every organization. They allow companies to store and retrieve documents efficiently. Without such a platform, chaos can ensue within the enterprise, wherein sensitive and vital documents become hard to trace or if they can be traced at all.

FileHold is one of the most reliable document management platforms you can choose. It’s user-friendly, has advanced features, and offers excellent customer support. The main drawback is that it can be costly for small businesses, especially when you choose certain optional features. 

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