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DocuWare Corporation Review
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DocuWare is a powerful, cloud-based tool packed with a full range of features for creating digital workspaces and automating workflows.


  • +

    Preconfigured cloud solutions

  • +

    Mobile applications

  • +

    Numerous integrations


  • -

    Hidden pricing

  • -

    Slightly slow response time

  • -

    No Mac or Linux desktop app

  • -

    No live chat support

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The best document management software makes it easy for you to digitize, organize, secure, store, and tag your business documents. This kind of software automates your business processes, enabling your team to focus on key tasks that drive productivity. 

Backed by a suite of advanced features, DocuWare is easily one of the top document management solutions providers on the market. In our DocuWare Corporation Review, we’ll analyze this document management solutions provider to see if it’s worth your investment. 

We’ll take a look at DocuWare’s pricing, features, user interface, security, and a host of other information to help you decide if it's the right option for your business.

DocuWare: Plans and pricing

Unfortunately, DocuWare doesn’t provide specific pricing plans on its website. However, this is not unusual in the world of document management solutions as many providers offer custom pricing. 

DocuWare’s pricing depends on the services and features you choose. The advantage of this pricing model is that you only pay for the services you use. To help you decide on the services your business needs, the company offers a live free demonstration. You’ll need to fill out an online form to access the demo. 

During the demo, the DocuWare team will help you decide on a timeline for getting started with the software. If you are still interested, DocuWare will set you up with a 30-day free cloud trial. Within that time frame, you can test all your documents and processes without making any upfront payments.

DocuWare Corporation Review

Get a free tour of DocuWare by filling the online form (Image credit: DocuWare)

DocuWare: Features

The basic features of a good document management software include document input, indexing, search, and processing. While DocuWare checks these boxes, it also boasts a wide range of advanced features, making it an excellent choice for streamlining workflows both for small businesses and large corporations. Some of the standout features include:

From onboarding to invoicing, DocuWare is packed with ready-to-use templates that you can implement in days. Built from over 30 years of experience, the packages save you the hassle of having to manually plan and implement workflows. DocuWare has three primary preconfigured cloud solutions: Employee Management, Invoice Processing, and Smart Document Control. 

The good news is that since DocuWare’s Version 7.4 upgrade, you can use all the preconfigured solutions at the same time. The combined power of these packages makes your workflow faster and more efficient. 

It’s easy to understand why DocuWare claims to provide "Any X" access. Through its mobile applications, you can use the software anywhere, anytime, and from any mobile device. DocuWare has iOS and Android applications that make it easy for employees to work from their smartphones, whether it's filling forms, assessing and reviewing contracts, or reviewing and approving invoices. 

In addition, the company gives users free access to the PaperScan app. With the app, you can scan quality documents and upload them to DocuWare and even third-party platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

One of the standout features of DocuWare is that it integrates with 500 different apps. With so many integrations, you’ll benefit from multiple task-specific software across all areas of your operations.

For example, DocuWare integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to help you to strengthen and manage your customer relationships. Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, and other ERPs can accelerate your financial processes. You can also tap into team portals like SharePoint to ensure secure document sharing. 

To make integrations seamless, DocuWare offers a wide range of flexible integration methods, including SmartConnect, URLs, connect-to modules, Platform Service, and autoindex.

DocuWare Corporation Review

DocuWare is packed with exciting features and capabilities (Image credit: Docuware)

DocuWare: Interface and in use

Currently, the DocuWare desktop application is only available for Windows. You’ll have to download the installation package, which is straightforward and easy to install. Thankfully, there’s a tutorial to guide you through the process. 

Linux and Mac users, however, have to use the web-based application. The downside with accessing DocuWare through the web is that employees using different operating systems may face collaboration challenges. 

The mobile application, on the other hand, only takes minutes to install and set up. It has a straightforward dashboard, making it easy to find key buttons.

Overall, we found DocuWare’s user interface simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It is split into two core views: a left-hand navigation pane that enables you to access your inbox and search for documents as well as a right-hand navigation pane with a document viewer and annotation tools.

DocuWare Corporation Review

DocuWare is easy to set up and makes onboarding easy (Image credit: DocuWare)

DocuWare: Support

As soon as you fill the form for a live demo, a representative from the company will contact you, schedule a live demo, and help you through your 30-day trial. 

DocuWare has a comprehensive support portal to address all your concerns and needs. The support portal has a knowledge base section where you can find answers for different DocuWare versions and modules. There’s also a community forum where you can interact and connect with other users. 

To cap it all off, the company runs an academy that provides resources and training to all users, from first-time users to advanced users. However, when it comes to replying to queries and providing phone, DocuWare could improve its response time.

DocuWare Corporation Review

DocuWare provides training to users through its academy (Image credit: Docuware)

DocuWare: Security

DocuWare ensures that all documents are AES encrypted. You can set folder and file permissions to ensure only the right people have access to specific files. 

To prevent files from being compromised, the company transmits files through HTTPS with TLS encryption. To ensure excellent disaster-recovery planning, DocuWare has dedicated EU and US Microsoft Azure data centers. That way, your data is never lost even when a breach occurs.

DocuWare Corporation Review

DocuWare prioritizes secure file-sharing and archiving (Image credit: DocuWare)

The competition

There are several other DocuWare alternatives on the market that are worth considering. For example, eFileCabinet is easier to set up and manage compared to DocuWare. It also has a more user-friendly interface. DocuWare however, has mobile apps both for iOS and Android, a feature other competitors like FileHold do not have.

Final verdict

DocuWare is an excellent, high-end choice for document management. The software's preconfigured cloud solutions, mobile apps, and hundreds of integrations make workflows easy to use, although the corporation's customer support response time could be better. 

Overall, DocuWare has a full range of features for any company, whether small-sized businesses or large corporations.

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