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DocuWare is a powerful, cloud-based tool packed with a full range of features for creating digital workspaces and automating workflows.


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    Excellent customer support

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    Large knowledge base for common issues

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    Mobile versions available

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    Intelligent scanning and OCR


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    You have to request a demo to get a quote

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    Desktop version only available on Windows

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DocuWare is one of the best document management platforms, ideal for both large companies, as well as SMBs. The system can integrate with more than 500 commonly used software applications, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.   

Syncing DocuWare with your existing programs offers an efficient solution to eliminate inconsistencies and save time within your company. With user-friendly features like drag-and-drop functionality and automation, DocuWare caters to the needs of SMBs with varying workflows, and promises a transition to paperless offices in less than 90 days. 

The smart search function enables quick document retrieval, while OCR automates document indexing. Version history ensures comprehensive change tracking. Windows users can utilize the dedicated application, while Mac and Linux users can access the program through their browser. Additionally, mobile applications are available for iOS and Android, enabling convenient file access for employees.

DocuWare: Plans and pricing

DocuWare offers four cloud-based plans for its document management software, each providing a full-featured program with varying storage space and user support. Upgrading plans is flexible and can be done anytime. The plans are as follows:

1. DocuWare Cloud 4: Includes 20GB of storage and licenses for four users.

2. DocuWare Cloud 15: Provides storage space for up to 50GB and supports 15 users.

3. DocuWare Cloud 40: Offers 100GB of storage and allows up to 40 users.

4. DocuWare Cloud 100: Provides up to 250GB of storage space and supports 100 users.

While specific pricing is not publicly available, contacting the company will provide a quote tailored to your business needs. The typical price range for the fully-featured cloud system is $25 to $100 per user per month.

DocuWare: Setup

Install DocuWare Desktop Apps effortlessly through the DocuWare Client:

1. Open the DocuWare Client and navigate to the main menu. Choose "Install Desktop Apps."

2. The setup for DocuWare Desktop Apps will be downloaded. Run it as an administrator.

3. Select the desired desktop components during the installation process.

4. Once the installation completes successfully, click "Close" when prompted.

5. Switch back to the DocuWare Client and establish a connection to the Desktop Apps by selecting "Connect to Desktop Apps" in the pop-up menu.

6. Grant access to your local DocuWare services by answering "Yes" to the prompt.

DocuWare: Features

DocuWare offers an array of features designed to streamline tasks and maximize productivity through automation and eliminate repetitive steps. Its intelligent search function, equipped with full-text indexing, provides users with multiple options for quickly locating documents. Utilizing AI, DocuWare classifies each document based on key terms found within, and users can further enhance precision by adding advanced metadata through file naming fields.

To help your workflow automation, DocuWare enables the creation of customized tasks, triggers, and conditional statements. Users are notified when documents require attention, and the system seamlessly progresses to the next step until the workflow is successfully completed.

With the version history feature, DocuWare acts as a control tool, saving edits as new document versions, granting users convenient access to the complete document history. Its user-friendly interface features drag-and-drop functionality and provides multiple methods for adding documents. Upon adding a document, the software automatically classifies and indexes it, ensuring efficient organization.

To simplify the process of metadata addition, DocuWare has incorporated OCR software into its imaging process. This automatically generates metadata for scanned documents, complete with a confidence rating to indicate the success of the indexing process. If required, users have the flexibility to manually supplement the metadata. 

DocuWare integrates with popular customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning tools, facilitating effortless document sharing across the entire organization. Furthermore, it supports integration with a wide range of scanners and all-in-one printers, ensuring compatibility with existing hardware setups.

For those seeking guidance on integrating DocuWare with other systems, the official DocuWare website provides comprehensive instructions, enabling smooth integration with existing infrastructure. Moreover, DocuWare's implementation timeframe for transitioning to a "paperless" office environment is estimated to be approximately 90 days, and even shorter for companies already familiar with digital file management practices.

These features make Docuware a versatile and efficient solution for optimizing document management processes across diverse organizations.

DocuWare: Interface and in use

DocuWare has a user-friendly design, ensuring a smooth learning curve and immediate productivity. Its clean and intuitive interface enables users to effortlessly familiarize themselves with its features and start working right away. The system provides extensive customization options, allowing its users to tailor it to their specific requirements and preferences. The standout feature of DocuWare is its seamless document upload, indexing, and search capabilities, which require minimal effort from users. This exceptional ease of use sets DocuWare apart as a highly efficient and effective solution for managing documents, supporting you in various tasks and workflows.

DocuWare: Security and privacy

DocuWare, as a document management system software, prioritizes privacy and security with features such as access control, encryption, audit trails, and secure cloud infrastructure. It offers data backup and disaster recovery options, along with compliance support for regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. 

DocuWare: Support

DocuWare provides excellent user support, comprehensive documentation, and extensive training resources. They offer various channels for users to seek assistance. Users can rely on informative community forums and the Support Portal, available 24/7 from Monday to Friday, where they can easily submit a form to receive timely support. 

DocuWare: Competitors

Microsoft SharePoint is gaining popularity as an alternative to DocuWare, thanks to its comprehensive document control features and seamless integration with other Microsoft apps. However, SharePoint may pose a learning curve for non-technical users and lacks certain functionalities like archiving, retention, asset lifecycle management, audit trails, and CRM.

Laserfiche provides enterprise content management services that streamline processes, offer secure document storage, and seamlessly integrate with other applications. However, it has limitations such as the absence of an API, tracking options, commenting and notes, compliance management, a content library, and content publishing options.

Revver's eFileCabinet enables users to create, transfer, store, and search digital files securely. However, it lacks support for data capture and transfer, content publishing options, and customizable forms.

DocuWare: Final verdict

With its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and extensive automation capabilities, such as OCR and AI-based document scanning, DocuWare sets itself apart as a leading solution in the market. Although the desktop app is only available on Windows, the convenience of its drag-and-drop functionality further enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless document management. 

These attributes make DocuWare a preferred choice for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), cementing its reputation as one of the top options available. 

Whether users are looking to streamline their workflows, improve productivity, or enhance document organization, DocuWare delivers the necessary tools and functionality to meet their needs efficiently and effectively.

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