FedEx is building its own all-in-one end to end ecommerce platform - but will it be enough to end user complaints at last?

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Shipping giant FedEx has announced plans for the launch of a new ecommerce platform called fdx.

The new platform is designed to connect a customer to their entire shopping journey, which FedEx believes will unlock the potential for companies to grow demand, increase conversion, optimize fulfillment, and streamline returns.

The company said that this “first-of-its-kind” and “data-driven” solution sees it become the first and “only logistics company to connect the entire customer journey by offering end-to-end e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes.”

fdx ecommerce platform launch

President and CEO Raj Subramaniam alluded the launch may signal a potential new direction for the company: “FedEx is transforming into a digitally-led business powered by our extensive physical transportation network, leveraging our scale and insights from moving 15 million packages per day.”

fdx is available as a private preview and is expected to launch in or around the third quarter of this year.

FedEx hopes that the new ecommerce platform will offer an array of capabilities, including connecting businesses with high-value customers, enhancing conversion rates and improving visibility and control by tapping into the FedEx delivery network, and offering a detailed carbon emissions report which can help businesses to make more informed sustainability decisions.

By the time fdx launches, it will have a deeper link with the FedEx delivery network, which should help companies find optimal shipping routes and speeds, boosting cost-effectiveness. fdx will also support a custom post-purchase experience, which customers can use to track shipments and re-order.

Clearly, with the launch of an all-in-one ecommerce platform such as this, fdx hopes to take on another key giant in this space – Amazon. The company’s success relies on a lot of factors, but with consumers increasingly favoring choice, fdx at least looks to be coming at a good time.

A company spokesperson clarified the following with TechRadar Pro:

"We’re not in the business of the marketplace. We’re trying to help businesses build the best possible experience from demand to post-purchase. We provide them the digital capabilities and insights and they own the experience with their consumer." 

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