Android Auto now lets drivers take Zoom and WebEx calls on the road

In-car display with Android Auto interface, showing new Zoom and WebEx applications
(Image credit: Google)

Google has announced collaborative efforts with video conferencing software providers Zoom and Cisco WebEx, which will see both platforms become available for the first time ever in cars equipped with Android Auto.

Both communication platforms will allow voice-only calls using the two popular apps to be taken directly from the car’s infotainment display.

Clearly, the companies involved are keen to facilitate access to conferences and group meetings without having to sit in front of a desk, allowing us to carry on with our daily activities while multitasking.

Android Auto just got major upgrades for workers

For many of us, the idea of hybrid work has allowed us to live a much healthier life, be it improving relationships by having more time to spend with family and friends or just sheer flexibility.

Android Auto isn’t the first solution for answering work calls in the car, though. Cisco earlier this year announced that its WebEx would become available in certain Mercedes cars, starting with the new E-Class which enables voice calls on the go and video calls when parked safely. Tesla vehicles with an interior camera can also access the built-in Zoom app, which became available as a software update this year.

Director for Product Management at Android Auto, Haris Ramic, said: “Across Android Auto and cars with Google built-in, we’re continuing to bring more apps to cars in order to make your drive more convenient, entertaining and safe.”

At the same time, the company announced that more countries will be able to use their phone to unlock compatible vehicles. Already available in some European countries, select Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia models in the US, Canada, and Korea will also be eligible, providing a compatible phone is used.

Those who prefer Apple should remember that, with the right combination of hardware and vehicle, they, too, can unlock some cars purely with a phone. Select BMW, Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia cars are currently compatible. Tesla also uses a phone-based key for all of its electric vehicles.

With technology becoming much more integral in the automotive market, choosing a car is likely to become much more complex in the coming years as consumers become forced to consider compatibility and service preferences, as well as practicality, fuel economy, and other traditional factors.

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