Amazon wants to offer your business a whole host of generative AI models for AWS

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AWS has now confirmed its Bedrock platform is now generally available as it looks to help its customers build generative AI tools and applications.

At the same time, the company announced that it has become the first to offer a fully managed GenAI service offering Meta’s Llama 2.

Clearly on a roll, Amazon also confirmed the general availability of even more AI-centric products as it looks to take the fight to some of the industry’s giants.

Amazon Bedrock is finally generally available

Amazon made its first announcement of Bedrock back in April of this year, with certain customers able to make use of the service. Now that it’s generally available, the “fully managed service” can be accessed by all customers.

Included is access to a range of foundation models by some of the biggest AI companies, such as Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon itself. Users can combine these with their own proprietary data for better customization.

The company has confirmed that Llama 2 is also set to come to the service “in the next few weeks” through a managed API, which means access to Meta’s next-generation LLM with 13 billion and 70 billion parameters.

Coinciding with the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, the company also announced the general availability of Amazon Titan Embeddings and Amazon CodeWhisperer. The latter promises to “unlock the full potential of generative AI-powered coding” by considering users’ internal codebases and resources, bringing a new level of efficiency to developers.

London-based bank NatWest, an existing Bedrock customer, said that the service allows it to “leverage the latest generative AI models in a secure and scalable platform” to build tools to “combat the next generation of threats from financial crime” and to improve customer experience.

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