A new Windows 11 update means there will soon be no escape from Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams
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A new Windows 11 update is looking to make it impossible to forget about that crucial Microsoft Teams meeting by shifting alerts into a much more prominent location.

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 11 build that will bring Teams reminders into the recommended section of the Start menu.

The move means alerts for video conferencing calls will be much more obvious, hopefully meaning you never miss or forget a meeting ever again.

Microsoft Teams reminders in Windows 11

“For people logged into Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise editions with a Microsoft Entra ID account, we are trying out the ability to view and join upcoming Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the Start menu,” Microsoft explained in a blog post announcing the update.

“The next online Teams meeting will show up as a Recommended item 5 minutes before it begins, clicking the meeting recommendation will open the join meeting flow in Teams.”

The reminders will be displayed alongside a user's most recently used files, or recommended files or programs. The feature will currently only be available for Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise users, highlighting how Microsoft is focusing on business users for the time being.

Microsoft Teams reminders in Windows 11 start menu

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The news is the latest in a series of recent updates and upgrades for Microsoft Teams based around making it harder to ignore or forget about your meetings.

This includes a tweak that will allow users to access and manage calendar notifications directly within the Teams Activity Feed, meaning there should no longer be a bit of a scramble between apps and services to hush that annoying pop-up or alert.

It also recently revealed a new way to quickly and easily share contact information of those not in a chat, making it easier for others to identify and get to know co-workers or contacts.

Finally, Microsoft Teams also recently unveiled a feature to let users send in-meeting notifications to a specific person whilst on a call, allowing you to react or respond in a private way.

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