Microsoft Teams is finally fixing one of its most annoying flaws

Microsoft Teams
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If your Microsoft Teams calls and chats are frequently interrupted by annoying pings and notifications, a new update may go some way towards lowering some of your frustration. 

The video conferencing platform has revealed it is working on a tweak that will allow users to manage calendar notifications directly within Teams.

Users will now be able to deal with calendar notifications within their Activity Feed, meaning there should no longer be a bit of a scramble between apps and services to hush that annoying pop-up or alert.

Microsoft Teams notifications

In its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company notes that users will now get notifications for meeting invites, updates, and cancellations, as well as forwards if the user is the meeting organizer.

It adds that these notifications will show up as unread in the Activity Feed pane, and will display the details when a user clicks on it, giving a much clearer viewpoint of exactly what needs taking care of.

The update is listed as being "in development" at this current time, but has an expected rollout start date of February 2024, meaning users won't have too long to wait. Upon release, it will be available to Microsoft Teams users on Mac and Windows across web and desktop versions.

The change is the latest upgrade to Microsoft Teams as the company looks to ensure its service remains as useful and intuitive for users everywhere.

Recently, Microsoft also announced it is working on giving users the ability to redirect an incoming call to voicemail without having to accept or reject it, meaning you can easily focus on the call, or work project you need to, rather than being distracted by Microsoft Teams meetings or calls disrupting your day.

And when it comes to alerts, earlier this year, Microsoft Teams also unveiled a feature that will allow users to send in-meeting notifications to a specific person whilst on a call, allowing you to react or respond in a private way. The new "targeted in-meeting notification" tool will utilize a bot to make sure your message stays (relatively) secret, and is only delivered to the expected recipient.

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