30 free sales plan templates: Download these PDF, Excel, Word Doc, Google Docs examples

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There are many different ways to boost your sales figures but one thing is for certain: sales simply cannot be neglected. You might hope for passive sales or you may employ a team of cold-callers but either way, sales will ultimately determine how much money you are able to bring in and whether your business is sustainable. 

The importance of sales is underlined by the host of digital sales solutions on the market today. You could flick through a list of the best sales CRMs, the best sales management software, and the best sales pipeline software and still be unclear regarding what the next steps should be for your sales strategy.

If that’s the case, it might be time to employ a sales plan template. Fortunately, there are a number of free plans available to download in either PDFExcelWord, or Google Docs formats. Deciding on the right one for your sales strategy will depend on a number of factors, including your products, market and customer base. 

Keep reading to discover 30 of the best free sales plan templates available to download now. Whatever your approach to sales, there’s bound to be one that’s right for you.

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30 free sales plan templates to download today

1. Basic sales plan

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A basic sales plan template provides some structure to your sales process. The template is usually split into different sections, including task titles, deadlines, task assignees, approval status, and a visual progress bar. There may also be space to include details of your business goals, plan strategies, and tactics.

Download the ClickUp Sales Plan Template here.

2. Sales and marketing plan

Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Without a robust marketing plan, your sales figures will undoubtedly suffer. If your company would prefer to foster greater collaboration between its sales and marketing teams, then this template may help. Tasks that are relevant to both operations can be listed, as can KPIs - all in a single view.

3. Sales strategy guide

Your sales are likely to be a little underwhelming if you don’t have an overarching goal you’re aiming at. And for that, a sales strategy is required. A sales strategy guide will put your organization on the right path by prompting you to answer key questions, such as “What is a sales strategy?” and “Why do you need a sales strategy?” By forcing you to consider the answers to these questions, you’ll ensure that your sales process remains on target at all times.

4. Sales project plan

Within your overall sales strategy, there are likely to be individual projects contributing to your success. It’s a good idea to use a template to keep track of all these projects, providing a quick visualization of due dates, progress, and impact level. This will be a huge help for prioritization, allowing managers to identify the tasks that should be focused on immediately. 

5. Sales action plan

HubSpot Sales Plan Template

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Having a clear idea of how you want your sales to go is one thing, but taking concrete action to achieve your sales goals is another. A sales action plan can help you take the tangible steps you need to boost your sales figures, including ways to record and monitor specific tasks and visualizations for sales forecasting and goals.

Download the ClickUp Sales Action Plan Template here

6. B2B sales strategy plan

Selling to consumers and selling to businesses require different skill sets, so it stands to reason that there would be specific templates for B2B sales. A B2B sales strategy plan will provide space for you to outline your B2B sales objectives and revenue targets, as well as prompts to ensure you create the type of sales content that really speaks to business customers.

7. Retail sales action plan

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No two industries are the same but luckily if you work in retail, there’s a sales plan template designed just for you. It will help you track inventory, monitor sales metrics, and negotiate with suppliers. It’s also worth taking a look at the best POS systems for retail and the best ecommerce platforms on the market for further technological support.

8. Sales leads template

It may be more comforting to track your conversions, but it’s still a good idea to monitor your sales leads too. Templates for this purpose are available and are especially helpful if you don’t require the full functionality of a CRM. However, these templates will still allow you to include contact dates and status for potential customers so you can plan future engagement project potential sales. 

9. Sales tracker template

You won’t be able to see what items are flying off the shelves or where improvements to your inventory could be made unless you track your sales. A sales tracker template provides much-needed visibility, allowing you to keep track of items sold, the profit per item and your total earned income. It also becomes easier to track costs, including shipping charges and returns. 

Download Smartsheet’s sales tracker template here.

10. Sales pipeline template

Standing as a useful alternative to CRM solutions, which obviously come in a range of shapes and sizes, including the best cloud CRM software, the best open-source CRM, and the best CRM for small businesses. It’s also definitely worth looking at a sales pipeline template, which can help you organize a host of useful information like quarterly sales forecasts, projected closing dates, and further actions 

11. Sales funnel template

Business infographic with stages of a Sales Funnel. Internet marketing concept

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A sales funnel is a great way to visualize the customer journey as they make their way to conversion - and the right template can prove a great help here. A sales funnel template can help you evaluate your sales process, providing a scorecard so you can give each stage a ranking.

12. Sales report template

In addition to making predictions about future sales, it’s worthwhile recording previous sales as part of a sales report. This template is great for that and lets you track sales activity by month, quarter or year. It’s also customizable so you can adjust the columns to meet your needs.

Download Smartsheet’s Sales report template here.

13. Sales one-pager

Sometimes, you want to strip away all the unnecessary information to leave you with the top-level direction needed to move forward. If that’s the case, you may find that a sales one-pager is just what you’re after. This is a concise template containing your sales tactics, goals, target audience, and key performance metrics but may not include the fine details. A great template for sharing with external stakeholders. 

14. 30-60-90 day plan

This sales plan revolves around the time your sales personnel have been at the company and so represents a great tool for onboarding or general employee experience. This template comes with three sections of one month each, with corresponding targets and actionable steps. 

Download the Visme 30-60-90 day plan here.

15. Company territory sales plan

Different markets will require different approaches if you are to optimize your sales. If you’re a multinational company, this template can streamline your sales process for different geographies, utilizing dynamic fields that mean you can reuse territory sales presentations and change the location information as required. 

16. Sales budget plan

For some businesses, keeping a close eye on budgets may be more important than others. Smaller businesses and start-ups, for example, are unlikely to have substantial resources that they can put towards sales and marketing gambles that may not pay off. A sales budget plan can help you keep on top of your finances even as you look to optimize your sales. Often, it will include a variety of budgeting aspects, such as revenue objectives, cost of goods sold, sales expenses and more.

17. Business development sales plan

Rising sales aren’t usually seen as the ultimate goal but a means to some other businesses target. This could involve sustainable growth, which is why many companies employ a business development sales plan to keep sight of the overarching target. Various stakeholders can all play a part, with many templates allowing commentary, annotations and the exchange of ideas.

18. Product market expansion sales plan

Perhaps you’ve already conquered one market with your product(s) and are now looking to expand into another. That’s when a product market expansion sales plan na be put to good use with its market analyses, competition landscapes, marketing strategies, and distribution channels.

Download Visme’s product market expansion sales plan here.

19. Company sales SOP plan

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are particularly useful for businesses that have had to deal with fragmented or siloed approaches to their projects. Look for a sales template that’s clutter-free so that the sandardization of your sales processes is made clear for all departments to see.

20. Consulting revenue-based sales plan

Consultancy firms can derive massive revenues but only if they can convince businesses that there services will be useful. You’ll need a template full of high-quality content and boasting a visually-appealing design. Consultant don’t come cheap, so make sure your consulting sales plan looks good enough to convince internal and external stakeholders that you’re worth the expenditure.

21. Cloud sales plan

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The cloud computing market is extremely competitive these days, boasting cloud storage, cloud backup services, cloud hosting providers and more. In this crowded market, vendors have a job on their hands to maximize cloud sales. This template, outlining your competitive positioning, can help you stand out during your next sales call.

22. Business plan infographic

They say a picture can tell a thousand words, which is why you should consider if an infographics is better for your sales plan than a word document. This business plan infographic contains is ideal for presentations to external stakeholders. It looks great, while still containing all the info you need like goals, timelines, market analysis, performance metrics and more.

23. SaaS product sales plan

Software-as-a-service sales are fundamentally different to physical sales. You want recurring, subscription plans, rather than one-off purchases. As such, you’ll want to adopt a slightly different approach to sales, A data-focused approach is likely to be key in a fast-moving market.

Download Visme’s SaaS sales plan template here.

24. Real estate sales plan

real estate agent handing over the keys to a new home

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Real estate purchases are likely to be some of the biggest that any individual (or, indeed, company) is ever likely to make. As suvh, it’s essential you get your real estate sale plan right. Make sure your agents and marketing team are aligned in their messaging and goals. A template can really help ensure this is the case.

25. New product sales plan

Starting from scratch? Issuing a new product can be daunting, but a new product sales plan can take some of the fear away. Make sure your template outlines how other similar products have fared initially and include growth projections to help monitor how the product is performing over time.

26. Sales training plan

You can’t expect your sales team to perform to their best ability if they haven’t had the requisite training. This sales training plan template can ensure consistency when delivering onboarding for new sales personnel and explain your expectations for performance in the medium and long term.

27. Health insurance sales plan

Best practice management software

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Committing to health insurance is a big decision - but there are few more important. A health insurance template will ensure your sales team has access to all the necessary statistics around health and demographics so they can convince prospects to convert.

28. Customer journey roadmap

Conversions don’t just happen. In reality, sales take time and customer journeys can be far from direct. Prospects can take time to become leads. And leads can take time to become customers. The hard sell may work sometime and at other times is likely to push potential customers into the arms of your competitors. Use your template to outline the typical customer journey and give your sales team a helping hand. 

29. Pricing options

Princing may be crucial for sales but it’s not always straightforward. Depending on your industry, market and time, your pricing may change frequently. Using a table that clearly outlines various pricing options for your customer can be a great way of clearly detailing your product or service. It can also be a great help when upselling.

30. Analytics dashboard template

SEO analytics

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Data underpins many great sales strategies but data is only truly useful if it can be transformed into insight. Having a clear, visualization of your sales analytics can ensure that you are looking at something your sales team can really use - not just a a jumble of statistics.

Download a free analytics dashboard template here.

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