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Corsair XMS2 6400C

Squeezing out the last drop of performance

This Corsair XMS2 memory supports Enhanced Performance Profiles

Our Verdict

The ultimate in DDR2 memory technology


  • Supports Enhanced Performance Profiles


  • No flaws in the Corsair armour

Corsair is the memory you want if you're after the last drop of performance. Not only did the company set up 2GB's worth of PC2-6400 DDR2 memory to run at 1,250MHz at Comdex, it used the same DIMMs that we're using here.

Indeed, if you're a keen overclocker this is one of the brands to strongly consider. Although we ran it at DDR2-800 using our standard latency of 4-4-4-12 (a fairly conservative setup), Corsair tests the memory at 3-4-3-9 so you're guaranteed a boost, and at 1066MHz at 5- 5-5-15, it provides a small rise over 800MHz.

The Corsair memory is also the only one to support Enhanced Performance Profiles. Mike Abolins