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Benro C-1180 T review

A tripod that folds flat for packing

Benro C-1180 T
The legs of this tripod are arranged in a line so it's flatter and easier to pack


  • Folds down flat
  • Light but sturdy build
  • Able to support up to 8Kg


  • Official price is steep
  • Some flex in lower legs
  • Carrying bag feels a bit cheap

The C1180T is one of Benro's mid-range tripods, making it a good choice for keen travel photographers who don't want to lug larger and heavier models around.

Clever design means it folds down completely flat, which will be a big help when packing.

Benro c-1180 t

You're immediately struck by how compact and light this four-section tripod is, weighing at a mere kilogram; at the same time, it's able to support 8kg of camera and lens, roughly equivalent to a Canon EOS 7D SLR with 200mm superzoom lens.

Benro c-1180 t

So this is a good lightweight-tripod choice for landscape photographers, too

Build quality and performance

The C1180T is made from magnesium alloy and carbon fibre.

Build quality is generally good, although there is a bit of flex on the lower legs.

Particularly impressive is the twist-lock leg section locking system. It's a delight to use compared to cheaper clip systems, and makes setting up and packing away a breeze.

Benro c-1180 t

Another good feature is the removable extending centre column, which gives some useful extra height (it can also be used with the neckstrap to support the camera). The C1180T has interchangeable feet too, so you can add spiked feet for extra stability on damp or uneven surfaces.

Benro c-1180 t


You can get the C1180T for £250 on Amazon, which makes it an attractive buy – certainly more so than its inflated original price of £359.99.

Its solid but lightweight construction, handy twist-lock system and ability to support some serious camera kit will really appeal to both travel and nature photographers –and it folds down flat too!

We liked

The C1180T is easy to set up and dismantle, and manages to be lightweight yet sturdy thanks to its quality mag alloy and carbon fiber construction. The optional spiked feet are a bonus too.

We disliked

Not much, really, except for the rather steep official price and a bit of flex in the lower legs.