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Intel brings Flash to its media processors

Flash, ahha, it saved every one of us
Flash, ahha, it saved every one of us

Adobe and Intel have teamed up to bring Flash to the chip manufacturer's media processor CE 3100.

The collaboration apparently promises 'richer and more seamless web-based and video viewing experiences through advanced Intel-based cable set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, digital TVs and retail connected AV devices.'

Flash software has had a mixed couple of years, with the arrival of Microsoft's Silverlight and the refusal of Apple to bring the software to the iPhone bringing a double blow.

Mid-year 2009

However, the decision of Intel to back the format in its latest Media Processor, with the first Adobe Flash Lite version expected by the end of Q2 this year serves as a major boost.

"The Intel Media Processor CE 3100 is a highly integrated solution that provides a powerful, yet flexible technology foundation that will bring to life the high-definition capabilities of Adobe Flash," said Intel's William Leszinske Jr.

"Our effort with Adobe is poised to accelerate a rich, yet relevant Internet experience on the TV that will provide consumers with access to a growing number of Flash-based applications that will ultimately be enjoyed across a number of screens seamlessly, from the laptop to a MID and now the TV."