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Microsoft and CEOP team up on customised IE8

CEOP webslice - one of the bundled add-ons
CEOP webslice - one of the bundled add-ons

Microsoft has launched a special version of IE8 along with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre that offers embedded advice, help and report services.

Customised browsers are far from uncommon, but the laudable efforts of CEOP on the internet makes Microsoft's latest effort worth consideration.

The CEOP-customised IE8 browser has a 'clear and direct' route to CEOP with a special button and is available from

Jim Gamble CEO of CEOP said: "Internet safety advice needs to be at your fingertips and not hidden away. Parents and children should not have to go searching through numerous web pages to find the help they need.

Help and report

"The new CEOP-customised Internet Explorer 8 browser will embed advice, help and report services directly into the toolbar to provide a constant, reassuring presence for families who will be one click away from the support they need.

"We again applaud Microsoft for this development in child safety and look forward to working with other browser developers to make an even safer online environment for our children."

Essentially the browser simply has pre-set favourites, a CEOP help and advice search option and a CEOP 'webslice' button that gives you more options.